Genevieve Birchman Goes to Kulak’s for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

Recording Artist Genevieve Birchman Performs Benefit Concert in North Hollywood on January 16 for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

One of the best New Year’s resolutions is to give of one’s self to benefit others. That’s exactly what singer, songwriter and recording artist Genevieve Birchman will be doing when she takes to the stage January 16 for a special benefit concert at Kulak’s Woodshed, North Hollywood’s listening room that showcases local to Grammy-winning talent.

The venue is the perfect location for the fundraiser to benefit the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, a national foundation, based in North Hollywood that was inspired by the motion picture of the same name and has for the past two decades provided musical instruments to low-income students and underfunded music programs.

WHEN: Saturday, January 16 at 7:30pm

WHERE: Kulak’s Woodshed
5230 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91607

TICKETS: Suggested Donation: $10

Genevieve Birchman at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood

Genevieve, who in October released her self-titled debut album, selected the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to benefit from the event as a way she and fellow singer and private piano teacher, Aiyana Cadwell can use their talents to benefit aspiring young music students, for which both have a passion.

Genevieve has a strong desire to pass her love of music on to the next generation and, in addition to recording and performing, uses her gift of music as a way to inspire and educate other young musicians. She connected with the foundation because of its ability to bring a variety of instruments to low-income students, something the young singer feels strongly about, since she also enjoys performing on a range of string, brass and percussion instruments.

“Many of my best memories of middle school, high school, and college involve playing in concert and jazz bands,” said Genevieve. The opportunity to play with a larger group, especially as a young student, changes the way you listen and understand music. I love that The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation donates a wide variety of instruments (string, winds, brass, percussion) to under-funded music programs throughout the country. They are setting children up for a lifetime of loving music.”

Genevieve’s album was produced by Grammy-winning, Billboard-charting, Del Oro Music Producer, Robert Eibach. Eibach isn’t surprised his artist would choose to raise money for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation: “I think it’s wonderful that Genevieve is performing a benefit concert to help provide instruments to low-income school programs. Part of what we do as entertainers is to inspire our youth to become more involved in arts and music,” Eibach said.

Cadwell, a local singer and recording artist, will open for Genevieve at the event, performing with her band a short set that combines folk, pop, classical and jazz tunes. Cadwell is scheduled to perform at 8 p.m. and Genevieve will go on at 9 p.m.

“My songs are on the softer side, though emotional and dramatic in their lyrics,” Genevieve said. “It’s great to find a venue that encourages audiences to get comfortable and really listen. As a singer-songwriter, I’ve enjoyed finding homes for performances that foster quieter creativity. It could be a bookstore, art gallery, or a place like Kulak’s.”

Genevieve will perform songs from her new EP, as well as from a recently released single, “Arrow,” which she co-wrote and performed with musician and actor Teo Olivares. You can hear her music on Spotify as well.

Genevieve Birchman at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood

A few heart-felt songs from her EP are “California Dreams” and “Runaway.” With creative lyrics and haunting melodies the songs transport her listeners from the beaches and nightlife of Southern California to a small town and commune — Bormio, Italy.

Genevieve’s unique writing style captures moments and memories, as well as her urge to travel and experience more of life and all it offers. It’s an album of adventures and experiences. Her songs also talk of “coming home” and how she “learned there are places you just don’t go.”

A classically trained pianist, Genevieve has been writing lyrics and composing pop, jazz and classical songs for voice, piano, and guitar, for much of her adult life. She earned a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Occidental College in Los Angeles, where she earned the Elinor Remick Warren award for outstanding composition. She also studied at York University in England and earned widespread recognition in the International Songwriting Competition for her song, “Both of Us,” which also is featured on the Genevieve Birchman album.

Genevieve is no stranger to the L.A. music scene, having performed for a while on the open mic circuit. In fact, one of those venues was Kulak’s Woodshed, where she is looking forward to returning, after coming such a long way in her career: “It’s a great venue and I’m really excited about performing there again and using my music to help such a great program as Mr. Holland’s Opus,” she said.

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