GEA “Truth Between the Lies”

GEA is a Helsinki-based, Icelandic singer songwriter with a piece of musical art that hits some pretty profound notes.

The universe has surely aligned.  Yet again!  It’s a beautiful, ethereal song but its lightness is fused with a powerful, soulful, dark, electronic melody, the vocals piercing the darkness, like truth has a tendency to do.

The simplicity is deceptive, the waves of music, grunge, soaring, spiraling vocals spinning the sounds around, echoing, bouncing from ear to ear.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. Epic even.  How strange that music can so perfectly take moments – big, big moments in history – and strip them bare.  Show us what is real, what it is necessary, for us to truly see, to stay alive.

I love this song. It’s retro, a bit 80s, a bit 90s, but also so modern, so shiny and new. Amazing vocals, phenomenal tracks, polished, yet still so raw.  This is the best kind of electronica, when the warmth of vocals, the soul of the message and the crisp beauty of the music blend together into something wonderful.

Love, love, LOVE this track!!! Can’t wait to hear more from GEA!!!

The stunning animated music video for GEA’s “Truth Between the Lies” from Fragility Records is brought to life by BYNEW (producer) and Raimi Nikkari (animator).

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Musician Names/Instruments: Chris Birkett: electronic drums, synth bass, string bass, keyboards, electric guitars, synth effects

Producer Name(s): Chris Birkett

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