Garry Marshall Theatre Presents “THE SPITFIRE GRILL”

Music and book by James Valcq. Lyrics and book by Fred Alley. Based on the film by Lee David Zlotoff. Directed by Dimitri Toscas.

To say that the Garry Marshall Theatre production of “THE SPITFIRE GRILL” is magical is an understatement.

It has everything you want in a musical – amazing talent, great story of struggle, a stunning set, and music that makes you rise in your seat. 

spitfire grill review noho

A bus arrives in small town Gilead, Wisconsin with Percy (Rachel Sarah Mount), a young girl just released from prison for murdering her father.  Joe (Erich Schroeder), the Sheriff and parole officer in town brings Percy to “THE SPITFIRE GRILL,” run by Hannah (Sarah Saviano) who hires Percy to work in the Grill much to the dismay of Hannah’s difficult son Caleb (Joey Ruggiero).  Shy and quiet Shelby (Ashley Argota) is Caleb’s wife.  And when Hannah breaks her leg, Shelby is called upon to help Percy in the Grill.  Effy (Linda Kerns) is the town postal worker, and the ultimate busybody spreading gossip wherever she goes.  Hannah has several secrets that have plagued her for years, and playing a beautiful violin is the Visitor (Nicu Brouillette) who presents many of Hannah’s secrets to us.  Since Hannah has been trying to sell the Grill for years without success to rid herself of her secrets, we see Percy come up with a plan that could change the course of small town Gilead, Wisconsin.

The talent in “THE SPITFIRE GRILL” is beyond AMAZING. 

spitfire grill review

Rachel Sarah Mount shines in numerous songs.  This star, along with the entire cast of STAR talent, demonstrates the splendidness of this show.  Each and every one of the performers brings to the stage the essence of what a musical should be, great music and great acting.  Now, these talented professionals don’t just bring singing chops, but most of the actors play musical instruments as well.  Wow!!! Remember the names of these actors because you will be sure to see them again and again. 

Direction by Dimitri Toscas is so much of what makes this show great, the set design by Tanya Orellana is imaginative and innovative, and musical director Anthony Zediker, et al, bring everything together.

There is so much to this wonderful show, but you MUST see “THE SPITFIRE GRILL.”  I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story for you. 

I hope I have piqued your interest.  And as I guess you have surmised from this review, I LOVED IT. 

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Cast:  Ashley Argota, Nicu Brouillette, Linda Kerns, Rachel Sarah Mount, Joey Ruggiero, Sarah Saviano and Erich Schroeder; Jonathan Regier, Understudy

Director:  Dimitri Toscas

Musical Director:  Anthony Zediker

Scenic Design:  Tanya Orellana

Lighting Design:  JM Montecalvo

Sound Design:  Robert Arturo Ramirez

Properties Design:  John M. McElveney

Costume Design:  Michele Young

Production Stage Manager:  Derek R. Copenhaver

Casting Director:  Andrew Lynford, CSA

Piano/Conductor:  Anthony Zediker

Piano (Saturday performances): Lauralie Pow

Piano (Friday & Sunday performances): James Lent

Garry Marshall Theatre Artistic Director:  Joseph Leo Bwarie

Garry Marshall Theatre Artistic Director:  Dimitri Toscas

Garry Marshall Theatre Managing Director:  Kurt J. Swanson

Publicity:  Davidson & Choy Publicity:  David Barber and Tim Choy

Garry Marshall Theatre

4252 West Riverside Dr

Burbank, CA 91505


July 10 to August 11, 2019

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 8pm;  Sundays at 3pm

No performance Wednesday, July 24 or Wednesday, July 31

 Additional performances Saturday, July 27 at 2pm and Sunday, August 4 at 7:30pm


Prices $25 to $65

Visit:  or Call:  818-955-8101