Galapaghost “A Planet Without An Atmosphere” EP Release

I needed this record…in all the chaos, the anger, the extreme and debilitating lack of control we have right now. 

I need to hear these calming tones, these trills and hums and melodic, rhythmic, poetic thoughts. 

Casey Chandler, the creator of Galapaghost, had a very bad year. Cancer, death, loss and the same sense that nothing was working in our favor.  He chose to make music, his way of taking terrible and turning into something hopeful, something real.

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It’s a beautiful record full of the duplicities of life, mournfully, tragically quixotic.  Every sound was born into existence by Chandler, he is the ultimate in self-produced music.  The twists and turns of each track seem wrenched from his soul, in an almost spiritual way.  Not mopey, strangely without remorse, just forcefully pure and stunningly excellent. He has that Brian Eno special something…echos of longing, you know, he reaches that part of your mind that helps you release the darkness.

He has had recent success writing music for film, notably for the award-winning Italian film Il Ragazzo Invisibile.  It’s easy to see why, his music is cinematic but in a totally uncontrived way in the best possible way in fact, without intention.  I love, love, love this record. It’s just brilliant, syrupy-smooth and divinely gorgeous.

Listen and be transformed!!

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