Fuzzy Bottoms Theater Company Presents “Red Meat”

Written and Directed by April Littlejohn.

Hang on to your britches ladies and gentlemen and be sure to come prepared with a plastic poncho if you plan on sitting in the first or second row of this whacky and hilarious show!

The Fuzzy Bottoms Theater Company has put together a jaw dropping, entertaining, and bloody satire that is sure to appetize your need for music, comedy and horror. The story follows Kaitlyn, a production assistant with a local news station, who leads a rather unsatisfying life working a dead-end job where she is under appreciated, has a boss who sexually harasses her on a daily basis, and puts up with a self-absorbed boyfriend that uses her only for sex.

The show is interwoven with song and dance but it’s definitely not a full blown musical. The dance numbers are sprinkled throughout the show at just the right moments adding a fun break to some of the more grotesque scenes. The whole production is carefully choreographed as the characters navigate their way between scenes giving it a very SNL type feel.

The theatre is small but the actors and ensemble cast do a fantastic job of handling the physicality, dance numbers, and fight scenes that take place within the space. Kaitlyn goes through a nice character arch from being a girl that gets pushed around, to a girl who takes no beef from anyone (no pun intended), beginning with her boss, who she accidentally kills in self-defense after he attacks her. In a panic, she hides his corpse in her apartment and ends up eating it. This leads her to discover the truth about her parents being vegan cannibals with a long history of devouring dead corpses.

Matters only get worse when Kaitlyn gets visited by the ghosts of the people she eats. Now there is an investigation for the people who have gone missing and she falls in love with the lead detective on the case. The ghosts keep reappearing in her subconscious to torment her but, ultimately, they end up helping her come to terms with who she really is. This show is no easy feat and definitely requires serious comedic chops, which all the actors do a superb job of. This production is a roller coaster ride with lots of twists and turns that are unexpected but the ride is definitely worth it.

If you’re looking for a fun night of laughs, don’t miss your chance to get tickets to this show!!

Tickets and Showtimes

The Sherry Theatre, 11052 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601

Music by Stefan Adkins and Dylan Bainter & Choreography by Catie Faye Smith.

Running October 11 through 27, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 5PM


Cast includes:

Heather Boothby, Jason Galindo, Yisrael Dubov, Stephanie Mayer, Ben Carr, A.J. Gardner, Michelle McGregor, Nathan Bock, Amanda Talamantez, April Littlejohn, Chris Gorham, Kainoa King, Charlie Manclark, Jesus Rodriguez, Dakota West, Shalom DeSota, Karlee Currin, Cassandra Carmona, Nicole Craig, Matt Green, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Sara Stretton, Karla Davis, and Cody Byers