Funding Your Way Through Rough Patches When Starting Up An Arts Career

There is never a greater strain on funds than at the beginning of a career. 

Waiting for that first pay cheque, combined with the common costs of relocating, can cause many to panic in the face of unpaid expenses. These stresses are even more commonplace in the arts sector, where flexible working schedules and significant competition for roles can make the next pay cheque even more uncertain, especially if you’re a freelancer! But how can you ease this financial burden without adding to your workload? 

Short term solutions

It’s time to stop worrying – funding your way through rough patches at the start of your career doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Though some people turn to family or friends to bridge the gap, more and more creatives are turning to short term loans as an alternative. With these flexible loans, like the ones from Loan Pig, you have absolute control over how much to borrow and for how long.  Many people starting up an arts career find this to be the simplest option, as short-term loans ensure complete independence and flexibility: essential for buying supplies, starting expenditure, or whatever you need for your new career!

Being crafty 

Some people feel nervous about the prospect of a short-term loan, and so turn to other sources of income to fund their way through rough spots. Often, career changers feel the need to supplement their starting income by working overtime, or by taking a second job, such as weekend work in a bar, restaurant or shop. Those in the arts sector are often very imaginative and crafty, so many turn their creative talent into an additional source of income by selling hand-made items. Trinkets and gifts can often turn a tidy profit, with customers charmed by the authenticity of the products. There are many websites where creative career-changers sell their handicrafts, so why not see how your hobby can be turned into cash? Of course, there are often start-up expenses required for starting such a side-business, prompting many to turn to a short-term loan to help them along their way. 

Don’t stress!

Whatever method you choose to tide you over until payday, remember that starting a new career – especially in the high-intensity arts sector – is often time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Everyone wants to do their best and impress their boss, especially in the first few months of starting in a new place of work. Taking on a second job or side business in such a time is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as these pursuits may eat into your already-stretched work/life balance. Take time to judge what option is the best for you but remember that there is no need to worry!