From the U.K. to NoHo to “Everywhere”

Well we all like a fun story, especially one that takes you from across the world to your own backyard. But add music, talent and the NoHo Arts District, and we pay attention.

Meet Everywhere, the U.K. alt rock band who had some interesting luck, or as we like to call it, gumption and good music.

When and why did you start Everywhere? Who’s in the band?

”Everywhere” started as a passion project back in 2012 but after a short while it became more and more apparent that it could turn into a career for us. The band consists of Max Berga (Vocals), Joe Sanders (Bass), Hugo Hadji (Guitar) and Boris Braun (drums).

Why did you come to NoHo?

The trip to NoHo was actually the first thing we ever did as a band. Back in 2012 our front man Max Berga had been out drinking and clubbing all night and when he came back home he sent his bedroom demos to a bunch of producers around the world. Two weeks later he suddenly received a phone call from American producer Mark Needham, a man famous for his work with bands such as Imagine Dragons and Walk the Moon. He asked if Max wanted to bring his band to LA to work on the songs. Max agreed on the spot but failed to disclose a crucial detail, there was no band yet. He immediately put up an ad on a website called ”Bandfinder” which said that he was looking for musicians to follow him to Los Angeles to make the recordings. That’s how the band got started.

Everywhere the band in NoHo Arts District

An interesting note: the name of the band ‘Everywhere’ was inspired by the quote “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” by former Cosmopolitan Editor Helen Gurley Brown.

Everywhere the band in NoHo Arts District

You produced the track “Eddie” in NoHo? Was the whole “American Grandeur” EP produced here?

Yes, the whole EP including the track ”Eddie” was recorded and produced over there. Mark was super professional and worked so fast. The studio and the service were excellent! We were told that the people at the studio could get us anything we wanted; apparently Steven Tyler had once asked them to bring him a horse. They had told him ”yes Mr. Tyler, right away sir.”


What did you like best about the NoHo Arts District?

What struck us about it was the architecture. It was vastly different from anything we had previously seen over in Europe. Lots of interesting galleries, shops, cafés and an overall amazing buzz.

How would you describe your music? Your influences?

We play pretty straightforward Alternative Rock / Pop with an 80’s edge. Big sing along choruses and slick hooks. The influences are wide a varied. It could be anything from The Wombats to older outfits such as The Cars and Haircut 100.


Following the release of critically praised single “Shades At Night” Everywhere has announced their new track “Some Other Dude” available on all digital providers July 29th.

“Some Other Dude” is the second single off their Sophomore EP due out in September this year. “It’s a funky little song about the importance of seizing an opportunity before it goes out the window,” says Sweden native front man Max Berga.

What’s next for Everywhere the band?

Next for us is a UK tour to promote our new single ”Some Other Dude” and the EP release in September. The single is due out on iTunes on July 29.

We had such a blast in the first time in LA that we went for a second trip over the Atlantic to cut some additional songs for the new EP, so yes, there will be some of that good NoHo magic on this one as well! The only thing that remains is to come up with a great name for the new EP.

Twitter: @Everywhereband  

And here is one of our favorites from Everywhere, “Better Off Alone.” Enjoy their music, well, everywhere.


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