Fragrance roundup: autumn 2016’s most luxurious offerings

Fragrance roundup: autumn 2016’s most luxurious offerings

The autumn fashion that’s slowly trickling into the high street is super exciting for fans of comfort. Shearling bomber jackets, layered polo necks and flowing off the shoulder tops – the newest trends offer a desirable partnership of warmth and style.

The difficult thing about these covetable pieces starting to appear isn’t imagining how to wear them, it’s planning how to afford them. When you’re still paying off your summer holiday, the financial investment required to make your new dream wardrobe a reality can be hard to bear.

Treating yourself to a new fragrance is much cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe – especially if you take advantage of an online perfume sale – and will give you just as much of a style shake-up.

Shun your normal favourites, and instead embrace a fuller-bodied scent designed to complement the encroaching autumn evenings. Limited autumn editions from leading perfumers have recently hit the fragrance market, so there are lots of new options to experiment with. We’ve picked five of the best to get you started.

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence

An opulent fragrance, Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence has a floral heart of gardenia and iris flower. A splash of champagne gives the scent a glamourous edge.

It’s a fun pick for drinks with the girls, and comes in the luxurious but quirky packaging you’ve come to expect from the brand.

Gucci Bamboo

Romantic, sensual, alluring – Gucci Bamboo promises to deliver everything you could want from a fragrance.

The duet of citrus and floral is certainly fresh, creating a bright and modern scent. If you’re a fan of lighter perfumes, this could be your new date night favourite.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Deep Euphoria is a daring variation on the sophisticated, modern classic Euphoria. It has all the depth of the original, but unique vibrant chypre floral notes make it a perfect evening alternative.

It hit shelves this August, fronted by a smouldering campaign from the gorgeous Margot Robbie that perfectly encapsulates its sultry vibe.

YSL Black Opium Wild

The latest newcomer from Yves Saint Laurent is Black Opium Wild. It’s a limited edition version of the ever popular original, with a collectible bottle that’ll beautify your dressing table.

The distinctive and desirable fragrance uses vanilla overtones to enhance the signature coffee note, creating an edgy but wearable daytime scent.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower

With so many strong fragrances making an appearance, the delicate grace of Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower is a welcome change.

Freesia, mandarin and apricot weave with woody base notes to form a vibrant perfume typical of the Choo portfolio. If you’re normally a fan, this won’t disappoint.

If you have any suggestions of ground breaking autumn fragrances you think we’ve missed out, leave a comment to let us know.