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Four Interesting Places You Wouldn’t Expect to See Some Really Cool Art

Art has so many wonderful benefits, both for individuals and cultures. It’s important in schools and it’s important as we grow older. However, when you think of art, you probably imagine taking a trip to the local art gallery.

There’s no doubt that you can get your fix in an art museum, but that isn’t the only place you can find work from the masters. As a matter of fact, some of the coolest art around can be found where you would least expect to see it.

Electronic Cigarettes

We all want to stick out from the crowd in our own way. One great way to do that is with art. That’s why it has permeated our lives and our culture in ways we never could have expected.

From custom laptop skins to cell phone cases, backpacks, and more, art is all around us. Well, it’s on electronic cigarettes too!

From swirling colors to partnerships with artists, smoking and vaping has never been more stylish.

On the Street

Even if you don’t go to the museum to see some art, you probably expect to see it indoors. That isn’t necessarily the case with these cool art installations that can be found outside:

  • Yarn bombing: The art of covering or wrapping outside objects in yarn and crochet patterns.
  • Street sign mods: From painted handicap parking signs to street signs, artists are adding their special touch to the signage we see every day.
  • Murals: Unlike any graffiti you’ve ever seen, modern art murals use the details around them to interact with their environment.

Under a Microscope

As surprising as some art is for being unexpected or downright gigantic, there is plenty of artwork out there that takes a different approach. Take Willard Wigans for example.

This innovative artist creates the kind of artwork you have to squint to see. It’s even better if you have a microscope. That’s because his creations fit on the head of a pin or inside the eye of a needle.

Scientists are getting in on the action too and releasing microscopic images of a beautiful, tiny world that many of us don’t realize exists.

Inside Dilapidated Buildings

Residents of large cities understand that dilapidated buildings are a waste of space, so why not use them if no one else is?

Many buildings that are doomed for demolition become pop-up art galleries that require a special invitation to view. Others serve as a single artist’s hideaway, while still others are completely modified to serve a different purpose. Next time you wander by an abandoned building, you might do well to wonder what’s inside.

So many of us are stuck with a narrow view of exactly what art looks like. But the truth is, art is around us all the time! Just open your eyes a little wider the next time you’re out in the world and you will be surprised to find art everywhere you look.


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