Four Artists You Should Know and One Gallery You Should Know

Do you know Gallery 800?

The Art Director’s Guild’s Gallery 800 in the NoHo Arts District has been a go-to art venue for this artist since 2010 because of the high quality of art that is always represented. The current exhibit “Four Artists You Should Know” has not disappointed.

This well attended reception and opening brought to light the fine talents of four members of the local 800 union of TV and motion picture artists. You have probably seen their art work in films and on television and didn’t know it was them.

Artist Bridget Duffy’s work has been featured on “Two and a Half Men” and “CSI-Miami” to name a few. Her work is flowing and her technique is stand-out. My faves were her”eraser” sketch nude “Assertion” which reminded me of a pole dancer and an acrylic scenic of “Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach” which brought back fun days summering in Laguna Beach, CA with some very talented artists.

Four Artists You Should Know Gallery 800 NoHo Arts District

Artist Pete Graziano regaled us with his acrylic of Elvis Presley, Warhol like rendering of Elizabeth Taylor and his acrylic of the historical train station in Santa Barbara, CA. Turns out that Santa Barbara is his get away spot at least once a year and is why he titled this showcase piece “Escape To Santa Barbara.” If you look closely, you’ll see Graziano toting his Elvis Presley canvas from the train. Santa Barbara is a favorite escape of ours too.

Four Artists You Should Know Gallery 800 NoHo Arts District

Also in the mix is Gabrielle McKenna-Elliott whose brilliant use of color and shading has produced some lovely scenics of flowers that are amazing in perspective. Most striking and eye catching is her “Lit From Within, The Power of Love and Laughter” which depicts a brilliant pond Lilly and pads with Koi huddling and anxiously awaiting their next feeding spoke to us as a remarkable reminder of Santa Barbara, CA’s “Lotusland” which has a brilliant display of gardens that will delight the senses just this scenic did. Sadly, Elliott was not able to attend.

Four Artists You Should Know Art Directors Guild Gallery 800 NoHo Arts District

Ray Bravo ‘s work stood out from the moment we entered the gallery. Bravo’s piece “Corpus Astrale” is a subtle reminder that not all fine art comes on a canvas. This piece is painted on wood that was originally earmarked for a boat, but was repurposed by Bravo to be the Street Art like rendering of a piece that is reverent like a cathedrial and yet has the subtle nuances of the medical book “Grays Anatomy”. Among his many pieces on display at the ADG’s Gallery 800, there is a recurring theme of angels in Los Angeles. After all, he points out we are the City of the Angels. Not all of his work is done on wood or canvas. Some are printed and are lovely photographs that remind one that we are never really alone.

Four Artists You Should Know Gallery 800 NoHo Arts District

This was ADG’s Gallery 800’s curator, Denis Olsen, last show for the gallery. He is moving on to work on other projects that he has in his workshop. Olsen has been the curator for the ADG’s Gallery 800 for approximately 8 1/2 years and has no favorite show that he has hung. “They are all great and all were fun. But, it also helps to have good volunteers to help hang the art which makes it go a lot faster”, Olsen stated. “Everyone thinks I’m a genius, but I’m not when it comes to hanging art. It’s the volunteers.” Olsen added.

Olson has worked for many entertainment entities such as CBS and Warner Brothers since 1971 which is when he entered the Local 800 union.

Olsen believes that The Road Theater Company, their upstairs landlord, has enjoyed the more traditional art that he has curated over the years and his reasoning is that “They have never raised our rent.” Olsen laughed.

The gallery is located at 5108 Lankershim Blvd. at the Historic Lankershim Arts Center in NoHo Arts District and is housed in the old DWP building. For information, please call them at 818-763-8052, or e-mail them at Their hours of operation are 2-8pm Thursday to Saturday and 2-6pm on Sundays.


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