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Four Alternative Investment Ideas for 2019

The investment world has transformed dramatically in recent years.

The way our parents’ generation viewed personal investment was very different to how we view it today, and this is largely due to technological advancements. With everything from investment apps to altcoin and AI (artificial intelligence) investment advisors, there’s no limit to what the future holds for personal investment. What both generations do have in common, however, is the desire to put something aside for the future. Although the ways in which we save for retirement have gotten more advanced, the reasons we do it remain the same.

A few decades ago, investment plans were a lot more conventional. In an interview with Tom Brown, global head of investment management at KPMG stated: “If you look at the success of the industry over the past 20–30 years, it’s largely been built on the back of the baby boomer generation. It’s predominantly a male-dominated middle-class demographic.” The future of investment will be a lot more diverse in appearance and will cater to our changing social behaviour and customer needs. The days of bonds and equities are well and truly over, now we are looking toward a much more exciting range of investment ideas – ones that everybody can get behind, not just those with large amounts of cash.


A cryptocurrency is an encrypted online currency that is not affiliated with any one authority, making it a currency that is completely independent from the government. Although Bitcoin, the first decriminalized cryptocurrency, is currently experiencing somewhat of a lull, there are numerous alternatives to Bitcoin that are still finding success. Ethereum, Ripple and Lightcoin are hotly tipped for the coming year. A lucky investment in cryptocurrency can sometimes be very worth your while, but be warned: it is not to be taken lightly. Market volatility also exists in the cryptocurrency world.

Website URLs

Although not as fast-paced as the likes of cryptocurrencies, investing in website URLs can be a lucrative yet passive investment for the future. To be successful at it however, does require a bit of know-how. Try to anticipate big company names and the domains that would later be required for them. Bear the likes of Apple in mind: the domain apple.co.uk was bought in 2012 – years after apple.com was successfully underway. The exact cost of the acquisition is unknown, but one can only imagine how much the tech conglomerate shelled out for its UK counterpart. Keep your finger on the pulse and you could be sitting on the next highly-sought after domain!

Business startups

For those business-inclined, startups can be a fun and interesting investment. Not only does it require you to keep a close eye on any new startups on the scene, but it also allows you to invest in businesses that may specifically be of interest to you. Tip: there are countless environment-focussed startups on the 2019 horizon making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Peer-to-peer lending

With borrowers avoiding the bank loan route, many are looking towards peer-to-peer lending. Using one of the many online platforms dedicated to this form of lending, you can be matched with someone whose project or initiative perfectly suits your interests. This alternative is perfectly suited to those not wanting to invest a huge amount. Most peer-to-peer projects are backed by a number of different investors to share the load.