Flyght Club “American Eyes” Single Release

Flyght Club is Shauvik Sharan, an Indian born, L.A.-based guitarist, songwriter and music producer. Flyght Club’s latest music release, “American Eyes,” is a love song of sorts.  An homage to America, perhaps?

It’s psychedelic, electronic rock, with a gorgeous, fiercely surreal injection of sitar, all beautifully enigmatic and atmospheric…without being in the slightest bit obtuse.

Shauvik certainly has a unique sound.  An accomplished and gifted guitarist, he blends epic solos with poignant sitar breaks and lusciously produced walls of sound.  It’s all very progressive and harmonious, fluid and softly ambitious. Not world music exactly, but more other worldly.

Some musicians are hard to categorize, or rather difficult to put neatly into an easily referenced space.  Flyght Club, or Shauvik Sharan, is that kind of tricky.

“American Eyes” seems as if it should be some kind of big noise, big haired love song, but it turns out to be melodious, flirty, intricate and quite beautiful.

The song has depth, longing and humor.  It leaves you feeling lonely and wanting…in the best possible way. So maybe it is a love song, in the most sweetly, sadly and seductive way. It’s A bit ELO, a bit Kanye, a bit Pink Floyd.

I actually love this track!!!

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Musicians: bass, guitar, vocals, keys, synths, vocoder, samples – Flyght Club, Sitar – Sandeep Kumar, Drums – Hriday Jain


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