Five of the Most Dangerous Activities You Can Do

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People like to do all kinds of things for fun. You might have recreational activities that you enjoy, and perhaps they’re nothing more dangerous than lying on the couch and reading a novel or maybe playing some video games.

Perhaps you like more hazardous activities, though. You might enjoy them because you crave the adrenaline rush that accompanies them. If so, you have to accept the inherent risks.

Let’s talk about a few of the more dangerous activities you might attempt. If you’re a daredevil and you want to experience a thrill, you might want to try one of these, or perhaps you already have.

Motorcycle Riding

Thousands of people across the country are motorcycle owners, and they ride them frequently. Motorcycle riding is an easy way to injure or kill yourself, though. That is because:

  • With motorcycles, you don’t have the protective shell a car gives you
  • Some drivers do not share the road with bikers very well

Take Florida, for instance. The Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles says that in 2019 alone, there were 8,890 motorcycle accidents. 550 of those accidents were fatal. There are similar stats in many states.

You can make this activity a little safer by wearing a helmet and pads. You can also try to avoid riding when it’s raining or snowing. You might stay off the roads at night.

Even with all of those precautions, though, motorcycle riding is a perilous activity. There’s no getting around that.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is another daredevil activity. If you’ve never heard of it, you base jump when you jump from a fixed object. You use a parachute, and it guides you to the ground safely.

You can base jump from:

  • The earth
  • A span
  • An antenna
  • A building

Aficionados say that those are the four base jump varieties. Those who do it feel like it’s one of the world’s biggest thrills. Your pulse pounds, you take a deep breath, and then you soar into the void as you freefall for several seconds.

While you might enjoy this activity if you’re a thrill-seeker, it’s easy to understand the danger involved. You’re plummeting toward the earth, often from hundreds or even thousands of feet in the air.

If anything goes wrong with your parachute, you could easily die or break every bone in your body. Some people regard base jumpers as crazy, but there are always those who want to push their courage to the limit, and this is one way to do that.

Surfing or Bodyboarding

Surfing or bodyboarding are other high-risk, high-adrenaline activities that some people like. You can get yourself a surfboard or a bodyboard and find an appropriate beach. You want one with some large waves, but not so gigantic that you can’t handle yourself when you tackle them.

Much like base jumping, if you think about what your body is doing, it’s easy to understand why you can hurt or kill yourself if you decide to give this a try. You might take some lessons, but even experienced surfers or bodyboarders can kill themselves if a big wave rolls over them.

The wave can pull you under, and you can hit your head or another body part on a rock. You could lose track of which way the surface is, and you can drown. Also, if you’re paddling atop your board, you can attract a shark’s interest. They might mistake you for a nice, juicy seal and take a bite out of you.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping and base jumping are similar to one another. Rather than a parachute lowering you to the earth, you attach an elastic cord to yourself and jump from a great height. You might leap from a bridge or something similar.

Much like the other pursuits on this list, you can see why there are deaths and injuries if you undertake this hobby. You can make an equipment mistake, and the line can break, or it might not be the proper length. You can strike the ground, or you might fly back up and bounce off the bridge’s underside, or whatever else from which you leaped.

You can also get dizzy while hanging upside down and experience some severe nausea. It won’t kill you, but you might lose your lunch before you manage to get back on solid ground.

Bull Running

Some people who crave the adrenaline-packed lifestyle feel that there’s nothing like bull-running. If you go to Pamplona, Spain, you can take part, and there are other places you can do it as well.

With bull running, there is a closed-off course, and you get a bit of a head start, along with some other daring or possibly suicidal individuals. You take off running, and just behind you, a volunteer releases a hoard of angry bulls. They charge down the street after you, and you either run all the way through to the course’s end, or else you leap over one of the barriers and escape.

There should be no real confusion about what the danger is here. Bull running and bullfighting, or really anything involving these deadly animals, can easily kill you. 

A bull will gore you if it gets a chance, and it might even jump up and down on you a few times for good measure. You’re essentially taunting these animals, and if they catch you, they’ll enjoy getting their revenge.

If you never feel like you want to take part in any of what we mentioned, that’s fine. Some people crave excitement, while others like taking a quiet bike ride or a little stroll. They don’t want to court death or danger.

There’s nothing wrong with either way of conducting yourself. It’s just your preference. If you decide to surf, base jump, or anything else we mentioned, though, you need to realize the potential results. If you’re okay with those, more power to you, but it’s possible you could end up a statistic.

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