Five Ideal Careers for Natural Caregivers

Care Giver

A caregiver is an archetype whose prime characteristic is being social and, as the name suggests, care for others. Not only do they naturally want to help others, but they can also anticipate their needs.

The easiest way to recognize if someone belongs to this group of people is to ask them to make a decision. If in that process, their main concern is other people and not themselves, you are dealing with a natural caregiver.

When it comes to career choices for this type of people, they will thrive doing jobs that require them to care about others and have many social interactions. They are more emotional than rational, so professions that require objective problem solving might not be a good solution for them. In the next few lines, we will provide five concrete examples of professions that natural caregivers will enjoy and be great at. 

A teacher

A good teacher must be patient, a good listener; they must have very developed communication skills and must be empathic. But above all this, for someone to be successful in this profession, there must be a need to care for someone and their education and development. This is why we would suggest some form of teaching as a great profession for a natural caregiver.

To be even more precise, natural caregivers would function the best with students that need a lot of attention. That is why they should try themselves as kindergarten teachers, pre-school teachers, and special education teachers.

When it comes to education required to become a teacher, kindergarten teachers usually have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Pre-school ones hold a certificate or associate degree in similar topics. And, because their work is a bit more complex, a vast majority of special education teachers hold a bachelor’s degree in their field or, in rare cases, in Psychology.

A nurse

There are many kinds of nurses but what they all have in common is that their job is, first of all, to take good care of patients. This is why it is a place where a natural caregiver will be very fulfilled. Provided, of course, they can surpass the downside of their character that we mentioned and be more rational and objective.

When it comes to education, a bachelor’s degree in Nursing is necessary to become a nurse, and a Doctorate is also a possibility. For other specializations, a bachelor’s degree in the specific science is needed, i.e., to become an acute care nurse, you will need a bachelor’s in this field. To become a registered nurse, though, one needs only an associate degree or certificate.

Most nurses will tell you that this profession means lifelong learning. Other than certain certifications, like Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification, for example, that have to be obtained and renewed throughout a nurse’s career, they also need to learn continuously about new studies and improvements in different therapies to provide their patients with the best available care.

An animal lawyer 

The careers we mentioned so far are about caring for fellow humans, and this one is about caring for our pets and animals in general. An animal or pet lawyer is a relatively new career choice. Their job is all about, as the name suggests, animal-related legal issues. They are needed when there is a case of veterinary malpractice, tainted pet food products, animal cruelty, dog bite defense cases, etc.

To become an animal lawyer, one must, of course, have at least a bachelor’s degree in law. This should be combined with as much possible knowledge of animals and animal law. The latter can be acquired in workshops and clinics that some Universities offer to their law students.

If you are a natural caregiver and an animal lover, this can be the perfect career for you. Especially if natural sciences are not your cup of tea and you do not have the stomach to be a vet. It is the perfect way to make a difference and fight for animal rights. 

A nanny

For a natural caregiver, caring about little humans is a great profession too. If you love working with children, but you enjoy the part when you play with them and find your inner child, this suits you much more than being a teacher. To become a nanny, you will need a high school diploma and an associate degree or certificate in Early Childhood Education, psychology, pedagogy, or something similar.

When choosing this profession, it is important to keep in mind you might also be the one who prepares meals for the children. Nannies more often than not provide additional care for children, so they take over after a day spent in kindergarten. Keep this in mind when considering what working hours would be ideal for you.

If you did some babysitting as a teenager and you remember especially enjoying or being good at it, you are definitely on the right path to becoming a nanny. The same thing goes if you have a big family and you love taking care of your siblings. And that is one of the most beautiful thighs about becoming a professional; it is one of the rare careers we get to have experience in even while being children ourselves. 

A psychologist

We already mentioned that for some other professions ideal for a natural caregiver, a degree in psychology is suitable. But if you have it, you can work in the field itself, being that a psychologist’s job, in essence, is to provide care for others and help them overcome their mental health issues.

Psychologists can also be involved in conducting studies and recognizing behavioral patterns. They also conduct tests and surveys. This means that a psychologist, other than helping and caring about those with whom they have direct contact, can also help generations to come with the results their studies provide. Unlike the professions we mentioned before, the most common degree in psychology is a doctorate.

To conclude

Having the characteristics of a natural caregiver might not be simple at all. Life can be pretty complicated when you are naturally disposed to caring more about other people’s needs than your own. This is why choosing the right career path can be extremely beneficial: you are naturally bound to be successful when caring for others so you will need to put less effort than other archetypes. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction of a successful career as well as a decent salary.

Author: nohoarts