A NoHo Arts theatre review of FEMMINA SUPER, written and performed by Bethany Hill at 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] –   A NoHo Arts theatre review of FEMMINA SUPER, written and performed by Bethany Hill at 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this wonderful show. But isn’t that a great place to begin at Hollywood Fringe…

Bethany Hill is an extraordinary soprano. She has performed all over the world and has a deep devotion to the magical discovery of music and how it changes us.

FEMMINA SUPER revolves around a young woman who was brought up within the confines of a deeply religious family. She is about to be married, something that was arranged and expected of her. But she holds onto her dream to pursue music and escapes to a music academy after being offered a place there. She had to choose herself, knowing what a rift it would cause in her life. Hoping that love could mend it one day. 

There’s a parallel story in this play though, that of Barbara Strozzi, a 17th century Italian composer. A woman born out of time, with an incredible musical talent, able to compose and perform her own work in spite of the of the fierce restrictions being a woman foisted on her. 

Bethany sings the music of Strozzi during the play and it is utterly, utterly beautiful. You can feel the joy pushing through the pain and Strozzi’s music is a perfect partner to this other story, told in our present time about the burdens that still exist, even in our Western culture.

Bethany uses Appalachian dulcimers and loops her own gorgeous voice live, creating exquisite enveloping waves of music gossamer-like. The music from centuries ago and the present day blend so perfectly together, as do these fascinating stories. It’s the perfect weaving, the lightness and the darkness, and the fearlessness. What a privilege to be a witness to such magic, particularly when it came at such a cost to both these women.

But I think this play is also about us. About finding what we must become and walking towards it, no matter how hard. I truly felt as if she were talking directly to me, she has that wonderful indefinable rare stage presence where she makes you imagine you are the only person in the theatre. Bethany is such a gifted storyteller and this play feels more like a poem than anything else. Lifted by the music and her glorious heavenly voice. Learning about these women and their lives while the music hangs in the air is absolutely magical! Bravo, Bethany!!!

There is only one more performance of FEMMINA SUPER on Saturday, June 29 at 4PM at the Broadwater MainStage. Don’t miss this gorgeous show. Absolutely one of my favorite Hollywood Fringe shows this year and for all the many years I have been fringing!


The Broadwater Main Stage

1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038,


Saturday, June 29 at 4PM




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