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Fashion For men

Usually women are the ones that are keenly interested about fashion. Very few men give a second thought to what is in their wardrobes. For most men, it is not the really style that matters. Rather it is functionality that is important.

Now it is high time to elevate your style to a new level. Celebrities and online casino lovers can attest to this. If you were to ask a woman how many pairs of shoes she has, you get a double digit number as an answer. It does not necessarily mean that she has to own so many pairs of shoes. It is a matter of style. At least every guy has to have 5 essential shoes.

These 5 shoes will make you look stylish.

1. Cool Sneakers

Every man should have a pair of sneakers Color and material does not really matter. Pick a pair of sneakers of your choice but makes sure they are fashionable. You can wear these casual shoes on weekends. Keep your casual look cool with a pair of sneakers

2. Casual office shoes.

Do you want to maintain a trendy style even at your workplace? Try out casual office shoes.These are not quite formal but they do add variety to your wardrobe. TOMS brogues in olive are the trendy informal office shoes.

3. Boots

Most people think boots are shoes for winter. You really do not need to wait until winter to wear boots. You can wear them with anything but not a suit. They keep your feet warm. Wear them with jeans if you are going out with friends. Boots are also perfect shoes for weekends.

3. Dress shoes

These are those kinds of shoes that help you dress to impress. Dress shoes are perfect for weddings and business meetings. They are simple and always complete your formal look. While men are out shopping for these essential shoes women can take over real money online gambling, visit casino-mate for casino games. There are many feminine online casino games that are great for women. Play the best of online casino games and stand a chance to win some of the exciting real money rewards on offer.