Fall Decor for 2017

Well, fall is finally upon us and with that comes a little décor updating.

We tend to want to warm things up a bit with darker colors and fabrics that are a bit more textural in looks and actual feeling. There are a multitude of ideas swirling around allowing us to take on just about every room in the house.

But let’s concentrate on just a few ideas just so it’s not so overwhelming.

Paint. Darker wall colors seem to be very on trend at the moment.  Greens, browns and even blues are hitting the mark these days.  Now I know dark walls may seem a little daunting for some, creating the feeling that the room is too small and closed in.  But to the contrary in most cases.  A darker room can accentuate the room’s purpose and assets.  Molding and trim along with baseboards can be showcased with a darker wall color.  Art pieces seem to stand out a bit more.  Warmth, coziness and a flair of sophistication can come with color.  If an entire room is just too much, then paint a feature wall, which will highlight and create prominence in a room.  If the master bedroom, for example, doesn’t already have a focal point such as a fireplace or French doors, then paint the wall behind the bed.  It will create more importance for the bed and make it the focal point in the room.

Accessories.  I’ve seen a lot of pieces that are woven and full of texture.  I was surprised to see things like wicker baskets make a comeback.  They are being used to hold plants, books, magazines and even extra throws for those cooler nights ahead.  Paired with something soft to set off the rough texture creates the right look.

Bedding.  Most of us design with white or light bedding for the summer months.  That feeling of light and airiness helps with relaxation and restfulness which is something we can all use.  But for fall, why not turn it up a little.  Adding a few key elements will change the room without breaking the bank.  Try adding a few accessory pillows or even a throw and the end of the bed or on a nearby chair.  That touch of rust, mustard yellow or even a hint of green will waken up a room.  Finding something full of texture is just the needed piece to keep one warm on a chilly fall evening.

Designing should be fun and not taken too seriously.  So enjoy yourself when creating and updating your home.