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Exercises To Keep Your Mind & Body Healthy When You Have Limited Mobility

Exercises To Keep Your Mind & Body Healthy When You Have Limited Mobility

Whether the inevitable process of aging has led to your body not quite being as well-tuned as it used to be, or an incident or illness has left you with limited mobility, having these limitations can be frustrating. While the likes of walking-aids and powerchairs can help us get from A to B, staying healthy in the meantime can be a struggle – but it doesn’t have to be. Limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t get some much-needed exercise to benefit your body and mind, and we’re here to give you a few examples of exactly what you can do to get those endorphins releasing and your body moving.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio, at its essence, is a type of exercise designed to help improve your endurance and increase your heart rate. Simply taking a stroll down your street or around a local park can be a good way to get out into the sunshine and to get your muscles moving. Or, if a stroll is a little out of reach, you could travel around in your wheelchair instead. While you may not get as much cardio, the fresh air and trip out of your home will do your mental health just as much good. Water exercises such as aerobics or aqua-jogging are another great way to get the exercise you may need with far less strain on your muscles and joints.

Strength Training

For those of us with limited mobility, keeping up strength is an imperative part of everyday life. In fact, strength training can help with everything from lifting objects, writing, and even eating. The best part, however, is that this kind of exercise doesn’t need to include any strenuous lifting. One tool you can use for your exercise is a resistance band. These can come in different difficulties, and can be used to help build strength in your arms and legs, building bone mass and muscle which can ultimately improve your balance and prevent falls!

Flexibility and Stretching

While your range of motion may be limited, it’s important to keep and maintain the level of mobility that you do have. Keeping flexibility with basic stretches is a simple, but effective way of staying fit and healthy, even with limited mobility. Yoga is one activity that you may be able to partake in, as the movements involved can often be adapted to suit every level of ability. Simple stretches, a few rotations, and maybe even a session or two of Tai Chi can all work to help you improve your flexibility and mobility.

A Final Word…

Keeping healthy in mind and body with limited mobility doesn’t have to be a struggle. Most exercises can be adapted to suit a range of ability-levels, and with a bit of care, or even help from a partner, you could be well on your way to keeping healthy despite any limitations you may feel you have. The benefits of a little exercise are endless, with improved range of motion, a release of endorphins, and even the opportunity to get out into the sun all being justifiable reasons to partake in a little exercise. Fit your exercises to your ability, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier life.

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