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Essay: How to Make People Like You?

 The question is simple – how do you make people like you? 

I just hand out hundred-dollar bills and blush every time I am in a social situation. Works like a charm. But all jokes aside, one of the people’s beliefs may sound as follows: “The more I do for other people, the more they like and respect me!” But in practice that is not the way it actually works. The problem is that the more other people dislike a person, the more such a person will make efforts to get admiration. It is like a vicious circle. How to get out of this trap? How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less? How to make people like you at school? All the answers are in this article.

Back to the Roots

To get everyone’s admiration is considered to be one of the key intentions of people. The roots go back to our childhood. If you are lucky to be a favorite child, for sure, you will experience everyone’s attention. You will be bought the best toys. You will make friends with other children.

You unconsciously keep following the model of behavior from childhood and devote the life to the wish to make people like you. While studying at the university, you want to become a helper-outer for groupmates when trying to write cool essays, reports, and even course papers. In reality, you have no time for those things. This is what professional writers for, and here you can find them. But a desire to get admiration is too large to make a refusal. Are there other ways to make people like you? Of course, just keep reading.

Psychological Tricks to Make People Like You

We do not always realize it, but it is often in very small moments that people decide whether they like us or not. That is why there are dozens of “how to make people like you in 90 seconds” requests in Google. Here are some efficient hacks from psychologists to make more people like you. It may take more than 90 seconds, but it will have a long-term effect.

How to Compliment to Make People Like You Instantly?

Compliment people on what they have achieved, instead of what they were born with. When it comes to compliments, it often turns out to be people hear the same ones over and over. Maybe they have gorgeous eyes or a good sense of style, but when they listen to the same thing for the hundredth time, it can become something that does not mean much to them. If you can be a person who finds out what they are struggling with or working on and compliment on that, it will hit them so hard!

How to Make People Like You More? Ask What They Love

Get people to share with you what they love, and you will forge a deeper connection. Of course, it is an old standard, but it works. Start off with two main questions – how do you like that? And what specifically you like about that thing? No matter what topic you are on (movies, games, essay for high school students, art, etc.), you want to drive down deep into this. If they share with you what they love, they are going to associate you with this incredible feeling. Moreover, it is a great way to engage in active listening.

Key Rule to Make People Like You is to Be Honest

Share the truth with people about what is in their best interest (not yours). Even if it means losing their business, you will win their respect. For example, if you think this strategy is not going to work for the domestic market, explain your point of view and let the people know you are honest with them.

How to Make Other People Like You? The Basics

Respect Yourself

To become well-liked, you have to realize that a necessity to do something for others and a desire to live for oneself are two absolutely different notions. For instance, when you are tired and exhausted, it will be more useful for you to go sleeping instead of going to a party with a friend where you actually do not want to go. The fear of refusing and losing a friend may haunt you. However, refusals do not make you a bad person.

Respect your own wishes and demands first of all. Do what is suitable for you. It won’t make you a selfish person. That is called “healthy” self-love. Frankly speaking, such people are quite attractive to others as a person who respects oneself, wins other’s respect as well. Sounds like a paradox, but that is a truth.

Do not Play a Victim Role

Sometimes it happens so that quite interesting people do not want to admit their attractiveness for some reasons and prefer to play the role of ordinary people who do not see their own advantages and are unsatisfied with themselves. Underestimating themselves, such people try to attract everyone’s attention and make others like them.

Actually, they are trying to find a person who will praise and assure that the things are not bad. For the sake of such attention, people are ready even to deny their own interests, self-confidence, and many other key life priorities. That is of high importance to change such an inadequate model of behavior as it leads to nothing.

Stop Criticizing

Criticism prevents us from seeing reality and serves as an obstacle to achieving the things you desire. That is why it is crucial to avoid criticism and never let oneself be unsatisfied with the way you are. Try to work on changing the situation. Say “Stop! I realize I have a problem. What shall I do to correct it and change the situation for the better? What kind of skills do I lack?”

The main rule you need to remember is that one shall never criticize oneself in somebody else’s presence. You may put a person on the spot as in such situations most people have no idea what way to react and respond to that. People try to ignore those who bring negative emotions and reduce communication to a minimum. It is not the right way to make them like you.

Since you get to the end of the article, I will share with you my own secret to getting people’s admiration – be the first! How to make people like you at work? Be the first person to joke or put people at ease to break the solemnity! Cut the tension, and this will make people like and respect you even more for helping them relax and enjoy themselves. Moreover, they will be much more receptive to some of your critical moments because you had human interaction with them first. So, it all comes down to adding value – whether it be making their lives easier or adding positive emotions.