Erich Mrak “Navigate”

Erich Mrak “Navigate,” produced by Bento.

This track is gorgeous.  It’s that perfect combination of light and dark. It’s a love song, pleading and aching, but sung in breathless, clean declarations.  Erich Mrak finds the sweet spot between begging and longing and all in a sublime, empty, billowing hip-hop pop song…more Kanye than Rhianna, more Beyonce than Kendrick Lamar.

“Navigate” is absolutely mind bending…in a very, very good way.  The track plays around effortlessly with acoustics and tone, and the rhythm of a heartbeat.  It warps melodies in simple and compelling ways, delivering its message with a classic vibrating warmth and irony.

It’s a mood song and believe me we have all been in this mood, or as Mrak puts it, feeling “sideways.”  When we know what we should do, seeing ourselves doing everything wrong and yet continuing on, with no hope or intention of changing direction.  It’s a kind of charming apathy, an acceptance of the kind of love that defies logic and twists a normal heart in ways it never could have imagined.

If a song could ever get close to the exquisite pain of love as a psychosis, a sickness, an affliction, then this is it.  And listening to this beautiful, enigmatic and mesmerizing song it might just make it worth all the trouble…loved it!!

“Navigate” is 1/6 singles being released each month for six months. The singles make up a currently untitled EP, accompanied by a live, off-the-floor rendition of each song (released at the end of each month after the studio version).

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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