Embracing Changes – Top Destinations to Visit in 2018

While the major cities in the U.S. are famous stopover stops for hospitality groups, artists, and chefs, there are surprisingly cool American small towns.

Such towns have enough attractions that can rival any big city and a host of retrofitted hotels that will pique the refined traveler’s interest.

Here are some not-to-miss U.S. destinations that are fast becoming popular among today’s jet-setters. Now is your chance to see something before everyone else!

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem features a new occult lean toward the spiritual, making the small town the modern setting for holistic wellness. The Hauswitch Home + Healing is a new-age treatment center with energy healing sessions, flower essence consultations, and spiritual animal tarot readings.


After you’ve had your fill of spiritual healing, book a walking tour conducted by local experts to see Witch City streets. Delve into Salem’s deep history through curated tours. If you’re feeling a bit witchy, book private moon mediations, astrology classes, and reiki circles.

Joseph, Oregon

The historic town of Joseph is a haven for artists and adventurous, it is famous for its minimalistic American aesthetic. While here, you can book a spoon-carving course at the Prairie Mountain Folk School or explore the great Joseph’s scenery. The location offers you wide-open spaces, glacial lakes, and country ranches.

You can also shop for richly nourishing handmade body and bath oils at Beecrowbee, take a sip of the handcrafted whiskey at Stein Distillery or eat enormous cinnamon rolls at the Old Town Café. Make the Jennings Hotel your headquarters while at Joseph, Oregon.

Houston, Texas

Take one of the charter flights to Houston Texas by Stratos Jet Charters then take a cruise down Highway 288 and be careful not to swerve off the road when you come across gigantic steel creatures. Fortunately, these animals don’t move and planes don’t fly, but they are part of a collection that features giant-sized landmarks in front of the Texas Pipe and Supply Company.

The collection features 26 titanic-proportion sculptures created by the 64-year-old Ron Lee who works in his on-site workshop. Ron constructs the over-sized creations and a few machines from the company’s unused pipes. Some of the creatures include King Kong hanging on an unused crane, a towering daddy long legs spider and a huge armadillo that looks like it can survive a bombing.

The collection also features an interesting array of science-fiction animals and abstract constructions. The scrap art collection is forever growing with a planned installation of a gigantic fishing pole.

Taos, New Mexico

To get the full Taos terrain experience, you need to book a tour that ventures into areas such as Santuario de Chimayo. This is where tales deeply embedded in faith and lore await you at a landmark shrine. Drive through the villages on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains western flank and head to Taos Pueblo World Heritage site.

Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer campground in what is considered as the world’s most mystical destinations. The landscapes around the area have inspired works of artists like Georgia O’Keeffe. If you are up to it, join a pottery class at the Taos Clay studio, cooking classes at the Cooking Studio Taos, or experience Paseo, the town’s new art festival in September.

Santa Rosa, California

After a series of unfortunate wildfires in California’s wine growing region, Sonoma County and Napa Valley are now back and better than ever before! Napa Valley is a go-to destination for more and more couples each year as the growing trend of destination weddings doesn’t stop. Couples often choose Napa because of its magical views of the rolling vineyards and the romantic scenery. After all, people know Napa for wine – but it’s romance that makes it a capital.

At the forefront is Sonoma town of Santa Rosa, which is a short one-hour drive from San Francisco. The town is considered as the beer city in the middle of a wine region.


Cyclists will enjoy renting Shinola bikes from the Astro Motel for a relaxing cruise to Russian River Brewing Company – producer of some of the world’s highest rated beers. Oenophiles can also explore Sonoma’s finest Cabernets, zinfandels, and pinot noirs. During your visit, don’t forget to check out California’s oldest family-run winery, Gundlach Bundschu.

America is bursting to the seam with incredible attractions and it’s definitely worth a bit of traveling to see some of the most beautiful spots in the country. Beat the crowds of travelers by going to the selected choice destinations above; some of the best-hidden treasures that are not too far off the beaten path!