Effective Ways to Develop a Thriving Photography Business

Even though it may appear as though the market is already saturated with tons of photographers, you can still start a thriving photography business.

If you have a passion for taking pictures of infants or weddings, there’s room for you within the niche you’re most interested in. The key is to develop a plan that will work for you in the long run. 


If you are not a great photographer in the beginning, that’s okay. It’s something you can work on. If you have potential, you can always build on that. Start by taking photos of your friends and family for free. Take classes that teach you more about different techniques and tools. Learn how to edit your photography. Consider how to use a DSLR camera. Learn how to work magic on your smartphone to create beautiful photographs. As you develop your skill set, your confidence will grow. Truthfully, a lot of people just want really beautiful pictures. They don’t care about your educational background. Make the investment in yourself to learn more about your areas of expertise, and hone in on those.


Make an investment to purchase various tools. You have to purchase tools based on the type of photography services you are going to provide. If you want to specialize in newborn photography, it’s good to purchase items like backdrops, props and cameras that will allow you to get great photos without distracting a baby when they’re sleeping, irritated or hungry. If you’re going to be taking photos in bright light, you’ll need specific tools that can offset the brightness so that you can still get a great shot. When clients pay you for your photography services, they don’t care about the settings or the issues that you’re facing for the day. It doesn’t matter if your camera isn’t picking up the light because of the sun, you have to figure out a way to get the shot. There are tons of online websites that will provide tons of great tools for you to invest in for your business.

It’s also important to consider your website. For most photographers, it’s great to have a website that allows your clients to privately view the photos from their sessions. This will require a different amount of bandwidth. Consider options like a payment plan or processing system for your website. Take a look at options like Big Commerce to make the systems work efficiently for you. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, don’t set yourself up by trying to build your website on your own. Instead, invest systems that are easy to install and use.

Marketing & Visibility

When you’re developing a brand as a photographer, one of the easiest places to develop your marketing strategy is a social media platform. Instagram is probably one of the best options to consider. Facebook is also a great option. Consistently produce excellent photos, and tag the people who are in the photos. Tag the brands that are featured in the photos. If you are taking pictures of a bride, tag the different businesses that are included in the photo. This means that you can include the brand who created the dress, the accessories and more. You can also tag the hairstylist and the makeup artist for that photo. All of those different entities will probably repost the photo to their page. As their followers get in contact with that photo, they’ll naturally want to follow you. This easily increases your visibility. As you do these types of steps on a daily basis, it’ll be easier to gain traction over time. 

Before you post your clients, make sure you have their permission first. If this means that they need to sign a waiver so that you can use their photos for your social media promotion strategies, make sure you do that. Never put yourself in a position where you’re in trouble from a legal perspective.


Maintain a high level of professionalism. Unfortunately, there are tons of photographers who sabotage themselves because they’re unprofessional. They either show up late, take a longer amount of time to get the shot or don’t provide the photos in a great turnaround time. Instead, be impeccable with your word. Be intentional with your customers. Be honest about what your turnaround time truly is. Consider offering a sneak peek of photos to satiate the appetite of your anticipatory clients. Get the photos completed in an appropriate amount of time. Once your clients have paid you, it is your responsibility to deliver. This one facet alone will set you apart from tons of photographers on the market. 

Maintaining a creative business is not an easy task to undertake. However, when you adopt these habits and maintain consistency, it’ll be easier to gain momentum. In the beginning, you’ll feel like a fish out of water because this is new territory. However, if you focus on the end goal, you’ll be able to make it through any challenge in a way that helps you to grow and succeed.