EA Acquires Glu Mobile to Strengthen Its Gaming Empire

The digital entertainment house Electronic Arts (EA) announced at the beginning of February 2021 that it has acquired Glu Mobile for $2.1 billion. The deal with the mobile gaming developer showcases EA’s intention to further its reach across all platforms. 

Founded in 1982, EA designs games and online content across a variety of mediums. In the financial year of 2018, the company generated a revenue of $5.15 billion. EA has 9,700 employees and is ranked as one of the top entertainment companies in the world. 

Glu Mobile was formed in 2004 as a developer of games across portable and handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones. With 500 developers and 800 employees in total, the move to EA is a big step for both companies. 

A Merger with Huge Potential

The merger between EA and Glu Mobile creates a new competitive force in the mobile gaming market. EA specifically looked at Glu Mobile’s skills and experience in creating mobile games and the merger is set to add strength to the company’s mobile games business and catalogue of successful products. EA already has a network of 430 million players. In acquiring Glu Mobile, the company adds even more resilience to its share of the market. 
The mobile gaming market is one of the most dynamic in the entertainments market and currently holds the largest share of the overall gaming market. More and more people are playing games on mobile devices and the acquisition move demonstrates EA’s desire to stay ahead of the curve. EA explained the merger as a decision capable of bringing a greater range of genres into its mobile games catalogue. The two company’s core practices and aims were also said to be complementary to each other.The Popularity of Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming has come into its own in recent years. The rapidly advancing tech of mobile devices, plus the fact that nearly everyone has access to one, has opened up a whole new world for gaming. 

Previously, the games market was centered around people specifically into computer and console games, more of the ‘hardcore games’, nowadays literally anyone and everyone can be a gamer, whether that be more casual or more intense. This is because mobile gaming makes it easy and convenient to get into any kind of game across a full range of genre and type. 

EA Acquires Glu Mobile to Strengthen Its Gaming Empire

EA’s Current Mobile Games

EA has some hugely popular mobile games already on its books. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has made over $924million, demonstrating the full potential of tie-ins and genre products across a mobile gaming platform.The company also produces one of the biggest games of all time in the shape of the soccer simulator FIFA. The mobile version of FIFA Soccer had made in excess of $242million in 2018. Other popular mobile games in EA’s catalogue include the mobile version of The Sims and the sports games Madden mobile and NBA Live mobile.

EA Acquires Glu Mobile to Strengthen Its Gaming Empire

The Most Popular Mobile Games

EA and Glu Mobile are both well aware that the biggest mobile games attract a spectacular number of subscribers. This makes both developers keen to tap into popular themes and genres of games. 

The following are some of the types of game that have proven to be a hit with gamers:

First-person shooter

The 50million downloads of Call of Duty Mobile is evidence of the massive popularity of the first-person shooter style of game. Making new waves on mobile devices, the game features strong game play elements and realistic gun control to provide action and tense play.  


Mobile casinos are another popular mobile game genre with more people now accessing casino games online rather than at a physical venue. Playing casino games online from the convenience of a personal device is rising in popularity everywhere. This is mostly down to the convenience and security offered by accessing games on a mobile. The variety of casino games on offer is also a contributing factor with online casino providers having the ability of offer more games than land-based casinos.


Animal Crossing is another wildly popular game and leading title that has successfully transferred to mobile. The mobile version of the Nintendo game is Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp. Scoring highly on cuteness elements and educational factors, the mobile title has been a big hit with younger gamers who like a sense of adventure.

VR Gaming

Pokémon Go is a free-roaming smartphone game where players use their smartphones to move around a real-world location searching for the cute little monsters. Massively popular ever since its release in 2016, the free-to-play game continues to attract downloads in the millions. The ‘freemium’ game earns huge sums of money for both Pokémon and co-developer Nintendo in ‘micro transactions’ of players buying in-game features. 


The merger between EA and Glu Mobile offers a competitive new force in the portable entertainments market. The two companies look set to develop imaginative new ideas in this rapidly changing sphere.  

Lisa Bianconi
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