Dylan Tauber’ “Sounds from Space 2”

Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2”
Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2”

Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2” is the second installment in his ambient, cinematic and profoundly intelligent musical journey.  

Each short track like a postcard from his mind as he allows the sounds of electronic, acoustic and vocals to mix and mingle and unfold.  

Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2” is really beautiful.  It’s a blend of soundscape, rhythm and effects. Yet,  all present and complete, as if played live by one person somehow.  

Dylan moves around quite a bit. But, for now, he is based on a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence.  You can hear his travels in the music though.  Whether in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami or on an island in the South Pacific, there is always at the centre of everything, the artist himself.

Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2”
Dylan Tauber’s “Sounds from Space 2”

“Sounds from Space 2” is poetry.  One person’s examination of his own world. Extrapolated thoughts through music and sound, those tiny vibrations that resonate from tip to toe.

This is the kind of music that instantly takes you to a very particular place. Teleporting you to a moment and holding you there while Dylan Tauber shares something full of truth.  

“Sounds from Space 2” is absolutely fantastic. Every track another opportunity to spend time in someone else’s world. Loved it!!



Dylan Tauber / keyboards / synthesizers


Dylan Tauber


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