DVD: Toy Story 3 and Remember the Night

toy story 3 logo toys Toy Story 3 Review (3D)
On DVD:  if you haven’t seen Toy Story 3, do yourself a favor and see it.  Beautifully animated as only Pixar can do it, it’s a heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty as the discarded toys (Andy is going to college after all) try to find a place for themselves—and fall prey to terrible tykes and wily stuffed animals.  The voicework by all concerned is exceptional: the movie is at once funny, exciting and moving.  What are you waiting for?
Also on DVD (but I bet you didn’t know it—and maybe never even heard of it).  There’s a wonderful, relatively unsung holiday film with Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck called Remember the Night.  In a nutshell, district attorney MacMurray spends the holidays with accused shoplifter Stanwyck in MacMurray’s hometown. Mitchell Leisen directed from a Preston Sturges script and you would be hardpressed to find better work from either of these men.  Rent it or look for it on TCM.