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Drowning Effect “Techniculture”

Drowning Effect “Techniculture”
Drowning Effect “Techniculture”

Drowning Effect “Techniculture” – Gorgeous esoteric grunge, laced with huge guitars, atmospheric vocals and purposeful meaningful lyrics. 

Drowning Effect’s “Techiculture” is a melancholy diatribe on the uselessness of large parts of our culture.  Yet, with none of the effected trollop where that same culture blames itself in empty vapid ways.

Drowning Effect “Techniculture”

This is great music brilliantly produced.  It’s all spacious, spiralling guitars and rhythmic beating hearts of echos and sonic riffs.  I hear Sonic Youth and Radiohead but also The Gorillas and Zeppelin.  It’s an amalgamation of sounds, a trippy punky 80s memory of an album. Some songs straight up, others twisted and tech’d with, but all glorious and anthemic and driven.

This is Drowning Effect’s second album. Their first was seriously well received. James Spadaro, bass and guitar, Thad Baker, guitar and vox, and Mark Loftin, drums and percussion, seem beautifully in synch.  Fused even

Drowning Effect “Techniculture”

“Techniculture” is an operatic battle of a record. Full of passion and energy and vivd soundscapes written in sweat. Every track as good as the last and crashingly brilliantly good.  

I absolutely love this record. Favorite track? Well, it’s hard to pick, but probably “Rockskipper.”  

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Label: Vibraphone (artist-run indie label)

Musicians/Instruments: Thad Baker (Guitar and Vocals), James Spadaro (Bass and Guitar), Mark Loftin (Drums and Percussion)

Producer:Produced by Drowning Effect


Website: https://drowningeffect.com

Facebook:  https://facebook.com/drowningeffect

Instagram: https://instagram.com/drowningeffect

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2n3GiK5LTo9I9dG7oU1x2W?si=gH3zNVuETvKHCu3WE3KmjQ&dl_branch=1&nd=1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgcCIx519ZzoAjGyhxu8urw

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