Doc Straw & The Scarecrows “Get on By” Single Release

“Get on By,” the second single from the forthcoming album by Doc Straw & The Scarecrows is warm and wonderful. 

A folksy, gentle country sound, beautifully made.  It’s an ode to bravery, strength and honesty and commitment and devotion. 

As a vet, Mike Straw, ergo “Doc,” found music to be a fiercely vital part of his life, both while serving and beyond.  Music heals us, and certainly tours of Iraq and Afghanistan must give Mike reason to continue his search for healing through his own very personal musical journey.  There’s a depth to this simple song, a grace to it, as well as a gorgeous Americana sound and visceral sense of place.

“Get on By” is a call to arms in a way, although not the arms of war, but the arms of peace.  It’s a gentle nudge into figuring out how to keep pushing through adversity and struggle and to seeking your soul amongst the battle to survive.  We need songs that show us humanity within our own traumatic and dizzying world right now. Mike’s voice cuts through the noise, his hard-won experience breathes truth into his lyrics, filled with wisdom and free from trope or cliche.  His is an authentic voice and he sings with a softness earned by a life lived, creating a blissfully elevating sound, well supported by the excellence of his band members.

There’s a lot of darkness all around us right now, we need some light and this song gives us that…loved it!!

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Musician Names/Instruments: Mike Straw: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Harmonica / Vaughn Thomas: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar / Shelton Sprouse: Bass Guitar / Taylor Bess: Keys

Producer Name(s): Mike Straw, Taylor Bess


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Twitter: @strawwrites /

Instagram: @docstrawandthescarecrows



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