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Do You Want To Be A Dancer? 5 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

Do You Want To Be A Dancer? 5 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

You have a love for music and you seem to come alive when you dance. You have taken some classes and you think this might be for you. You could be right. You may be one of the elite that was born to dance. But before you decide to set that goal, you need to be very honest with yourself. You have only seen the top layer, and like the icing on a cake, it is lovely. But the work that went into baking that cake was intense.

Let us look at a few things a good dancer does differently than the average dancer. At the end of it all, if you feel challenged and even more determined and sure of yourself, then you may become the dancer of your (and our) dreams.

  • Never make or accept excuses

Becoming a good dancer takes hours and hours of practice. Practice is gruelling and desperately hard work. Like any athlete, you will have to get at the top of your game at every call, and that means practising without fail and without exception.

  • You look yourself in the eye

You may be giving it 100%, but if your move is wrong, you are simply perfecting a failure. You have to use mirrors, recordings, and photographs to catch that one twist, turn, or reach that is imperfect. Unless you are willing to look at your imperfection, you will never reach perfection.

  • The clothes you work in are critical

Dance uniforms, leotards, dance slippers, and other dance attire play a major role in the success of a dancer. There are a few reasons for this. On the side of the obvious, dance uniforms are made to allow perfect movement, while allowing the body to breathe and movements to flow. A dancer’s body is their tool, it must be cared for and nourished. While training for dance, we push our body beyond its comfort zone. Another important reason to wear the correct clothes is safety. When a dancer is concentrating on a jump, turn, or step they cannot be concerned with their clothes causing them to trip and fall. You do not have to endlessly shop, you can find what you need on line at places like Just For Kix.

  • Follow instructions

The restrictions and rules a dancer places on herself can make them inflexible. They do not follow the crowd but we cannot let that overflow into other parts of our lives. Perhaps your sister is getting married. You are asked to perform during the reception, and you accept that high honor, that does not give you the right to put demands the bride.

If the bride wants to wear this trendy black dress for her wedding, but you wanted to wear black for your performance, you must wear the color she chooses for you. A good dancer can perform in any color and you have no right to take her spotlight.

  • Listen to their body

A good dancer knows their body. When there is an unusual pain or problem, they do not wave it off. They seek professional help. They do not ignore any signs of injury and push through it unless they know it is safe to do so. The instructor has a keen eye and will know when even the slightest thing is amiss. But it is ultimately the dancer who must be so in tune with themselves that they know how to prevent a minor issue from becoming a major injury.

A good dancer is self-focused yet self-less. She is strong but flexible. She is balanced as part of the universe, but she knows she is not the center of it. She is the definition of beauty.

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