Delyn Grey “Ghost Town”

Delyn Grey “Ghost Town” Single Release
Delyn Grey “Ghost Town”

Toronto based singer songwriter Delyn Grey paints a somber picture of what’s around her with her new track “Ghost Town.”

More of a reference to the world than anything else. The song is a cry to all to figure out our mess and learn to live together or die apart.  It’s haunting, timely, poignant and thoughtfully created.  Driven by a need to reflect the world around her, Delyn has made a song for her time.

She has an unusual and gorgeously accessible voice. A melody that’s simple, honest and immediate, song writing at its best.

Frill less, stripped back to the essence of the idea. Spiraling ideas and voice and guitar all mixed up until we can’t tell anything apart. And why would we need to?

Delyn Grey’s new single release “Ghost Town” is a great song.  Soft and urgent, building to her point and allowing the story to lead her. I love this kind of fluidity, clever, unapologetic and keenly framing individual experience, making it universal and so reflective of us all.

I absolutely love this!!!  Delyn has an EP on the boil, so I hope we get more from her soon!!!

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Ghost Town musicians:

lead vocals – Delyn Grey
keyboard – Delyn Grey
guitar – Chris Macfarlane
bass – Kyle Texiera
percussion Production – Delyn Grey
written by – Delyn Grey
mixed by Vic Florencia
mastered by Harry Hess
produced by Delyn Grey, Kyle Texiera, and Chris Macfarlane

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