De Plume: Tyrone Layne | Dystopia

Co-founded by Maggie Devers & Kieva Campbell, de Plume as an institution is established on more than twenty-five years in the international art world.

Tucked in a small brick and mortar on Hollywood Blvd and St. Andrews, the Thai Town-adjacent gallery declares itself to hold ‘art for the next century’.

De Plume curates its exhibitions with no stylistic discrimination; painting, sculpture, street art, printmaking, installation – de Plume welcomes it all. The gallery’s sole caveat: the artists have to be innovative, of quality, and enduring. Tyrone Layne’s Dystopia series is just that.

In his premier US show, Tyrone Layne serves up abstract art with soul. For me, the draw to De Plume was Layne’s exhibition. Layne’s collection for Dystopia seems effortlessly put together from weekend inspiration. However, it’s clear Layne has been ruminating on this collection for a while – it’s well thought out, well crafted, and echoes the flavor of timeless, abstract classics. ‘Dystopia’ is a collection of abstract, polluted oceans with no breathing creatures visible. Layne’s thick  brushstrokes straddle the line between mimicking pixels v. the heavy-hand of a classic oil painter. Layne’s style nods to the past while launching his body of work for the future.

Hailing from New Zealand, Layne is able to fluidly insert himself into American commentary with his work. Most of Layne’s solo exhibitions have been in  New Zealand, Australia, or in the UK prior to 2018.

@TyroneLayne – LA is happy to have you any time!

De Plume is smart for giving Layne the shine he deserves, in an understated, authentic local gallery. De Plume is a gallery to keep your eye on – they know how to curate, and within the comfort of their own prestige. Both Layne and de Plume are worth keeping your eye on.

De Plume:

Tyrone Layne

Exhibition Dates:
Jan 26 – March 2, 2019

Closing Reception:
March 2, 2019

Tues – Fri

5564 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028