David Arkenstone is Coming to NoHo!

David Arkenstone is Coming to NoHo!

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – World renowned, Grammy nominee musical artist David Arkenstone is in the midst of a US tour and he will be performing along with his incredible band at NoHo’s El Portal Theatre, on December 22.  

His genre-defying music is a wonderful mix of Celtic, rock and folk and is really the perfect alliance of sounds for Christmas and winter-inspired music.

David is on the road right now, traveling from city to city on his Winter’s Eve tour and will finish his tour in NoHo.

We wondered what inspired him to put together this concert series, this amazing band and why now…after all that has happened in the world in the past two years or so. 

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Hi David, thank you for giving us some of your time, we know how busy must be right now! The world is finally opening up a more and more, why is now the right time for your holiday show?

You know, I think part of the answer is in that question. We are eager to get back out there in front of audiences…and they have been thrilled to have us so far on the tour! This show, which is connected so much to the holidays and the turning of the year, has been very exciting for us.

How did you choose the musicians for the band and why?

I begin by searching for talent, then meet/play and see if we vibe. And I’m lucky enough to have a great connection with each of the awesome musicians up on stage with me.

With such a huge catalog of music to draw from, how did you put together these songs and what is the story you hope they will tell?

Well… I have written quite a few winter-y themed songs over the years, and I wanted to curate something special for the audience so I picked some of my favorites, a few newer ones and splashed the set list with some familiar Holiday songs. As far as a story I want to tell, some of the songs have inspirational themes and winter themes and some are pure fun!

Why did you choose NoHo Arts District for the concert and why El Portal?

I actually grew up in the Valley and have attended many shows at the El Portal. Also a couple of years ago, we filmed several songs there for my new album, I’ve always wanted to play there.

What do you hope the audience experiences on December 22, what memories do you hope they go home with?

I want the audience to feel what it’s like to hear live music together again with one another. It’s been so long since that was an option. I’d like them to leave sparked with holiday cheer.

And finally, music is obviously a centre to your life, how important is it in our worldwide healing process after the past dark years?

I have received many comments regarding the healing power of my music. I am honored by that, and the many requests to take our show out there to the world. It’s refreshing to perform in front of audiences again, as if something exciting was just waiting to get out!

Thank you David! I know many of our NoHo neighbors will be so happy to attend your concert and be filled with the spirit of the holidays…we all need some healing and some fun!

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Thursday, December 22 at 7:30pm


5269 Lankershim Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91601