Dave Vamfer’s “Tricks of Life Medley”

Dave Vamfer's
Dave Vamfer's "Tricks of Life Medley"

A NoHo Arts music review of Dave Vamfer’s “Tricks of Life Medley” single.

Dave Vamfer’s “Tricks of Life Medley” is a pretty creative way to give us a preview of his upcoming album. It’s a cute blend of three songs from the record – “Tricks of Life,” “You Need a Little Kick” and “A Bit of What You Fancy.” 

An Englishman through and through, Dave brings plenty of charm to his bouncy pop/rock songs. With uplifting themes, hopeful sentiments and catchy refrains, “Tricks of Life Medley” is a very pleasant change from all the darkness in our world right now.

Dave is a Kentish lad, my birthplace!! So, I probably have a little bias already. However, this song is easy to love.

Sweet melodies, spiraling guitars, plenty of saxophone, it’s really hard to hate this song!

I’m actually looking forward to the album release and maybe even a video?? A Kentish girl can only hope! 

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Dave Vamfer's "Tricks of Life Medley"


Artist Contact Email: davevamfer@gmail.com

Dave Vamfer-Vocals. Other instruments session musicians

Producer Name(s): David Reggie Phillips (Dave Vamfer)