Dancer Wellness: Save Lots of $ with These Simple Steps

The beauty of living in Los Angeles is that we are really surrounded with just about anything we could ever want.

We have so much to see and do, it’s hard to get it all in!

It’s also hard to do it all on a budget. As artists we not only have to take care of ourselves, our careers, and our communities, but we have to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the LA scene. In this article, I’ve included some avenues that will offer you savings galore! With a few easy steps, you could be taking care of everything you need and saving yourself a lot of money in the meantime! You’ve worked hard to get where you are, now let it work for you!


You can get a FitPro membership, which gives you 30% off regular price merchandise when purchased in store (up to $1000 worth of gear a year). Bring in any movement, dance or fitness related certificate you’ve earned, the address of where you teach/coach, and a business card if you have one. Some stores even have secret sales announced through email, that offer their FitPro members additional savings and perks. You can also volunteer to teach a free classes at a location, which is a great tool for networking and meeting new people to come to your classes and shows!

Dance Resource Center Membership

A yearly membership to the Dance Resource Center comes with a lot of benefits. Not only does it connect your directly to a pipeline of information on shows, classes, and opportunities around greater Los Angeles, and marketing resources for your own creative endeavors, but individual and membership organizations also give you significant discounts on class admissions and tickets to performances. These average $15 in savings per event for DRC members! An individual membership costs $50 a year, and a student membership is $30 per year. If you only went to 3 events in a year, that would pay for itself in savings! Plus your yearly membership is a write-off. Visit their website for more information, by clicking here

Discount Dance Supply and Dance Teacher Program Membership

Discount Dance Supply certainly has the corner on the market for affordable studio dancewear. Not everyone knows about their Dance Teacher Program. Your membership offers you a lot savings, including deeper discounts on apparel, free shipping on larger orders, and an entire incentive program for adding a retail addition to your studio. Whether outfitting just your class or an entire program of students, this company will save you lots of time and money! Check out the membership information page by clicking here.


That’s right! has a HUGE network of participating businesses offering discounts by just flashing your NOHO card. in the Arts District. Discounts can be found on theatre admission tickets, dance classes, fitness memberships, printing, clothes, coffee, bars and restaurants, massage therapy at SoCHI, and more! All you need to do is print it from our website, by clicking here. The list of deals and futher details can be found by clicking here. From networking meals to printing business cards, toning up and catching a comedy show – this one is a no brainer! Start saving today!

Hope this helps make your day a little brighter, and your pocket a little bigger!

Happy dancing!!

Author: Luckie