After all this escapism, I escaped to Jay and Mark Duplass’ intelligent, entertaining comedy of terrors, Cyrus. A very endearing John C. Reilly is John, a divorced man on a downward spiral who drunkenly meets lovely Molly (a very appealing Marisa Tomei) and proceeds to hit it off with her—so much so, that even in the light of day, these two troubled souls seem to have found each other’s salvation.   

And all would be delightful—but then there’s Tomei’s adult son Cyrus (Jonah Hill-terrific), socially awkward, troubled, devious—and he’ll stop at nothing to break up the relationship.  The trusting, goodnatured John may not have a chance….I do hope this movie finds an audience: performances are uniformly excellent (let’s not forget Catherine Kenner as John’s ex-wife who has prodded John to work his way out of his depression); there is genuine wit in the writing; the plot developments are plausible, and in the end you really want these two people to get together, with or without Cyrus.  Well worth seeking out.