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Customizing Your Shoes with Accessories

Shoes represent more than just fashion and style, and in some cases, it can be the difference between a great first impression or even a second date.

Whilst we all want the height of fashion on our feet, sometimes budgets don’t stretch to a brand new pair of boots or sandals. But there is a solution. Why not take a pair of your lesser shoes and customize with just a few accessories? You can try including ribbons, shoe clips, bows, or even glitter if you are looking for a touch of sparkle. Before you customize your shoes, do a little research to find the best accessories and tools to get creative with your footwear.

Customizing Your Shoes with Ribbons

Ribbons have become one of the must-have accessories for women around the world. They can transform a regular shoe into an elegant piece for all types of occasions. They come in a choice of materials, colors, and designs to suit all personalities. To customize your shoes with ribbons, you will need a strap of ribbon in the color of your choice, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and shoe glue. Take the ribbon, apply dots of shoe glue some distance apart over the whole length of the ribbon. Next, mark the shoe where you want to put the ribbon and carefully place the ribbon. Apply gentle pressure to ensure maximum adhesion and allow the glue to dry, preferably overnight. The process of accessorizing shoes with ribbons is quite simple, and anyone can do it. You can even use bow-tied ribbons. Just ensure you choose the right size to complement the shoe you intend to customize. Ribbons are ideal for

  • Bridesmaid shoes, especially if you can’t find a pair that complements their dresses
  • Flip flops, if you want to transform them into fancy footwear
  • Canvas shoes
  • Crocs
  • Children’s shoes – apply a bow to the toe guard and your little one can feel like a princess

Dyeing your Shoes

Dying your shoes is another affordable way of transforming your footwear. Instead of adding a single decoration like a shoe ribbon, opt for shoe dye. Dying can completely change your footwear as well as combat faded fabric. Dyeing can be done at home after purchasing a good quality shoe dye, but be aware the change is permanent, so make sure that you love the color you choose before going ahead with the procedure. When buying the dye, bring color swatches of your preferred shade so that you buy the exact match. Popular shoe dye shades include silver, gold, purple, cobalt blue, pink, black, and red.

Other Ways to Change Up Your Footwear

Adorning your shoes with shoe clips can also do the trick. Simply clip them on the sides, front, back, or on the heels of the shoe in question. They can be positioned in different areas on the shoe and can be taken off after wear without damaging the shoe. Another on-trend option to customize your footwear is to cover it with glitter. This is an inexpensive method and perfect for festivals or a night out where you want to stand out. Simply layer the shoe with glue and glitter, allow to dry, and reapply until you have shoes that will rival Dorothy’s. Popular glitter color choices are mainly silver and gold, but don’t let that limit you. You should note that shoe accessories come in various colors, shapes, and materials. When choosing the right accessory make sure that the accessories’ quality and sizes are clearly indicated so as not to get disappointed. With so many ways to give your shoes a new lease of life, grab some glue, and get creative. You may create your new favorite pair.