Cuisines of Toronto- What should you look out for?

The sheer size of Toronto really does help to shape the fantastic food scene that is present. If you have ever walked through the city then you should know that there truly are endless options available. A large number of Canadians were from Asia and the Caribbean. More than came from Uganda and Chile. It would be very accurate to say that there is a worldwide range of cuisine right now in Toronto, and this has helped to spark an amazing mix of grocery stores. If you want to find out more, simply take a look below.


The very first residents in the area of Toronto were actually Cantonese. They arrived to work on the construction of the railroad. This was a new beginning for Chinese food and you also have a lot of different dishes too. One of the main ones would be Chop Suey. It was a mix of the leftovers that they had at that moment in time and this was the first exposure that a lot of Canadians got when it came to Chinese food. If you look at Chinatown you will soon see that there are a huge number of restaurants; additionally, there are many noodle bars too.

This has changed over time with the ever-shifting demographic but you can still see lots of Thai dishes and Szechuan options too. Dishes are churned out at a fast pace and they are always packed.  Be careful though, because Chinese food tends to be full of sugar. You’ll need to look after your teeth well after dining out at one of these restaurants. Luckily, they are abundant in the area, so you’ll never be far from a family or children’s dentist in Calgary.

Dim Sum

If you are a fan of dim sum then make sure you check out Sky Dragon. It’s located on the top of the Dragon City mall and they have a range of tasty offerings. The very first dim sum was served out of bamboo baskets and the vendors used to hang it around their checks on a string so that it could be sold to people in the street. Of course, times have since changed and now metal carts are wheeled throughout the dining room. In Canada, steamed pork and shrimp dumplings are very popular. You also have fried calamari and flaky BBQ pork buns too. There are also crispy wontons and of course, honeyed garlic ribs.


Beyond the main drag of Chinatown, you have the Mississauga Chinese centre. This is just out of Toronto. There are a lot of dental offices nearby along with insurance agencies and even produce stores. These all serve the local community very well and a lot of the dishes are focused on seafood as well as Alaskan king crab. You won’t want to miss out on some of the stunning seafood that Chinatown has to offer, so make sure that you check it out if you want to find out more. You won’t regret it.

Author: nohoarts