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Crossroad Saints “A Song of Your Own” Album Release

Crossroad Saints “A Song of Your Own” Album Release
Crossroadsaints Band. Johnny Allen Slack, Michael R. Slack. Daryl Venable.

Southern rock band Crossroad Saints’ new album “A Song of your Own” is a rock album full of gutsy, honest and authentic songs straight from the heart.  

These musicians have been around the block a few times and their collective history shines through every track. There’s something to be said for experience and these guys definitely have a lot of it. Based in Indiana, the heart land of America, their style is classic and their musicianship stellar.

Gorgeous production supports every note and the core of the group, keyboardist Daryl Venable and rhythm section Mike Slack and John Slack, have played for decades, together as well as in other bands, honing their obvious skills.  

Some of the songs were brought into the project already formed but most were written in the studio, together. Which is a perfect way for a rock song to be written, with everyone noodling away, making something sweet and meaningful happen.

It’s a great album, brilliant and passionate musicians with drive and heart and something real to say.  Music like this is the kind of art we need right now, more than ever.  Loved it!!

Crossroad Saints’ new album “A Song of your Own
Crossroad Saints’ new album “A Song of your Own”



Daryl Venable: Hammond B3/keys, vocals, songwriter

John Slack: Bass

Mike Slack: Drums/percussion

Guest Musicians/Instruments:

Mark Lindsey: Guitars

Paul Holdman: Guitars

Tim Wright: Pedal Steel Guitar

Jeff Conrad: Trumpet

Michael Stricklin: Saxophone

Richard Dole: Trombone

Corey Miller: Strings


Corey Miller (Round Table Recording Company)


Website: https://www.crossroadsaints.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossroadsaints/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crossroad_saints/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4fc5Kyw3YYpyMvO2JgdKQ

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