Creating vs Conforming

This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on Creating vs Conforming. In particular, how to embrace your unique perspective.
This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on Creating vs Conforming. In particular, how to embrace your unique perspective.

This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on Creating vs Conforming. In particular, how to embrace your unique perspective.

“The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.” -Rita May Brown

Back in the 1950s, Solomon Asch led an experiment to explore just how much group pressure could influence an individual to conform.

Asch placed the one “real” participant in a separate room while the other “stooge” participants were all instructed to give the same wrong answer. When the real participant joined the stooge participants in the main room, they were all shown a graphic featuring various sized lines. 

Asch then showed another graphic featuring a single line that was clearly the exact same length as one of the lines on the main graphic. Asch proceeded to ask all of the participants to say which of the lines were the same. The right answer was blatantly obvious. 

As planned, all of the stooge participants chose the wrong line as they were instructed to do. The real participant did not know that the other seven participants were stooges. So, looking around and noticing that all of his peers were giving the wrong answer, he eventually gave into the pressure of the group and also gave the wrong answer. 

This experiment was conducted multiple times often yielding the same results in which the real participant caved 75% of the time due to popular opinion.

When the real participants were questioned after the experiment, the majority of them admitted that they did not really believe that the incorrect answer was correct, but chose to go along with the group because they were scared of being ridiculed or considered to be peculiar. 

A smaller portion of the real participants did believe that the group must be right and doubted their own intelligence. This self doubt motivated them to give the incorrect answer.

So, what does this have to do with solo theatre? 

Well, in my many years working with hundreds of solo artists, I have witnessed brilliant individuals be afraid of speaking their truth from stage because they desire to fit in with society. Others simply think that everyone else must know better than they do and they let their insecurity alter or completely silence their words.

Now, full disclosure, Asch’s experiment has been criticized for how ethical it was and also the lack of diversity in participants. While it certainly had its flaws, the reality remains that far too many people censor their truth because they fear that they are outnumbered and conforming just seems easier.

Yet, our truth lives in us and we can either let it out or it will eat away at us.

Most actors come to me when they have finally arrived at a time in their lives when they no longer wish to conform to the crowd. 

They have realized that they have a unique point of view that they want to share, a truth that they wish to reveal, and it’s almost as if they cannot move forward in any area of their lives until they have done so. 

While this desire to express oneself may be intense, the temptation to quit along the way can be very strong. This is because the harsh reality is that once a person stops conforming, they may feel incredibly alone. And while it is a solo show, we are pack animals by nature and crave community.

So, in spite of this possible rejection, how do you as a solo artist stop conforming and speak your truth?

This month’s blog focuses on Creating vs Conforming. In particular, three ways to embrace your unique perspective.

1. Stop being codependent with your audience.

Art and codependency do not go together. To truly be a solo artist we must stop being people pleasers. We must trust that our perspective is just as worthy and valuable as everyone else’s. We must recognize that we will not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay. 

2. Accept that people, places and things may fall away.

When you boldly and unapologetically speak your truth, it is inevitable that you are going to ruffle some feathers. You might lose relationships and opportunities that ultimately were not the right fit for you. You may have to say goodbye to aspects of self that no longer serve you and give up long-held crutches. 

3. Walk the new path before you.

A funny thing happens when what we truly think and what we say are in alignment, a new path is lit before us. New people and new opportunities begin to show up, and new levels of self actualization occur. You start to discover that all you lost was replaced by that which is a better fit for you. 

Believe me, I understand on an intimate level that all of this is much easier said than done. 

When I made the decision to premiere my second solo show “ZE” which explored LGBTQIA+ themes, I knew that I was risking various losses. And the losses did come. I was asked to step down from leadership at my church. I lost a circle of “friends” nearly overnight. I lost the sense of normalcy and predictability my old life offered me.

I entered a world that was new territory for me…my own queerness.

So, do I regret writing and performing my show? Would I take it back if I could? 

Absolutely not.

To this day, it is my single greatest accomplishment. I am afraid to think the life I would be living today had I settled for conforming rather than creating my show.

I now have dear friends that know the real Jessica inside and out and accept all of me. I have a spiritual practice that honors and celebrates my sexual expression as a pansexual woman. I toured successfully for years making a living performing my solo show. I run a company that encourages others to speak their truth, and most importantly, I have a much better relationship with myself than I did before I authentically shared my story.

All to say, it may not be easy to choose not to conform, but there is a precious freedom found in our unique expression. 

Hopefully, today’s Creating vs Conforming blog gave you some insight on how to create rather than conform.

Keep going on your own solo journey. It may not be easy, but it is so worth it!

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Soaring Solo Blog
Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC

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Jessica Lynn Johnson
Author: Jessica Lynn Johnson

Jessica Lynn Johnson (Director and Developer) is a published playwright, recipient of BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST AWARD, Advisory Board Member of the LA Women's Theatre Festival, and Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC. Jessica has aided in the development of over 150 solo shows (and is still going strong)! As a performer, Jessica has “edu-tained” international audiences touring her own one person shows ZE and OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYONE for over 15 years. Jessica's projects have taken home awards such as TOP OF FRINGE, HFF ENCORE PRODUCER AWARDS, TVOLUTION BEST SOLO PERFORMANCE, LARRY CORNWALL AWARD FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE & several other accolades! Jessica was also nominated for the Female Director of Distinction in Theatre by Girl Trip LLC at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.