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Cream – 11135 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601 

What is it about ice cream that makes the whole world better? 

The sugar? 

The cream? 

The flavors that make your heart sing? 

cream noho

NoHo has been sadly lacking an ice cream parlor at its heart…but no more! 

Cream is an ice cream store in the tradition of the best ingredients makes the best ice cream. Everything is fresh, made with superior ingredients and impeccably made to order with a lot of love. 

Cream NoHo opens its doors to us, the grateful masses, on April 1 and boy should we be celebrating! 

With its very niche and retro ice cream sandwiches, this bright, cheerful and unapologetically high-calorie establishment oozes with the delectable and the scrumptious. 

The softly delicious cookies, more than a dozen varieties, are baked fresh in the store several times a day and the scent of them wafts about, leaving no room for doubt or excuses. You have simply no chance of escaping without a very large fistful of bliss. 

They have every kind of flavor from your deepest dreams of cold creamy goodness and a few you may never have dared to conjure up…like Churro…and yes it tastes exactly like the most amazing churro you have ever had.  They also have an incredible apple pie ice cream…it tastes just like your grandma’s best.  The Strawberry flavor takes me right back to my childhood and bowls full of English strawberries with lashings of fresh cream and sprinkles of sugar. 

Another favorite of mine was the Green Tea ice cream, fresh and tangy, light and less guilt-ridden…although just as delicious as the more decadent Chocolates, Salty Caramels and the Banana Walnut Fudges… 

There really is something for everyone here.  Coconut, Toasted Almonds, Cookies and Cream and on and on and on… 

And the cookies really are to die for.  Chocolate chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter and the heavenly Snickerdoodle, to name just a few, all warm and ready to envelop whatever your hearts desires. 

You can skip the cookies if you must and opt for a cup. Or if you are feeling frisky, why not grab an ice cream taco on a Tuesday?  The shell is made from waffle cones shaped into tacos…amazing.  You can mimic the lettuce and tomato with cherries and sprinkles and chopped nuts…yum. 

If you have to run and don’t want to risk it all running down your arm in the car, they do the most incredible coffee drinks and floats…sublime. 

cream noho1

They also have gluten free cookies and vegan cookies and soy ice cream, the Soy Blueberry is especially ridiculous.  There are lots of the usual toppings, only they are very high quality, no dusty sprinkles in this store.  They really pride themselves on giving their customers the absolute best.  Best service, best ice cream and the best possible price.  For what you get, which is huge by the way, $4.99 is really amazing. 

When the first store opened in 2010 in Berkley, the founders wanted to recreate their own very special family recipes.  They kept the cost as low as possible while still ensuring that everything was made from the most premium products, and this attention to the authentic and the virtuous is what sets Cream apart from the larger chains of ice cream stores. 

cream noho 2

David, the owner of the NoHo store, was particularly attracted to the fun and relaxed atmosphere the stores allow, with great music playing and really lovely staff happy to be handing out so much joy, it must be a wonderful place to run…all those smiles!! Plus, it’s a great addition to our NoHo neighborhood.  

I can hardly wait for the days to heat up to bring me more excuses to run on over and sit at the counter, or outside on the terrace and people watch while tackling the biggest and most delicious totally customized ice cream sandwich I may ever have.

Oh, and they also do catering. Ice cream sandwiches at your next party?  They make an enormous ice cream sandwich cake, about 10 inches in diameter, from whatever cookie and ice cream combination you can dream up. I can’t even describe the happiness such a thing will undoubtedly bring. I am creating occasions for it as I write…many, many occasions.

Cream opens on April 1st and is giving away FREE sandwiches that day from 12 pm – 7 pm.

So, put an alarm on your phone and save up your calories!!

cream noho



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