Corona Diaries #6: Eat, Poop, Trash.


Let’s try not to build a plastic island. 

This is part six of our Corona Diaries series on tips, tricks, hacks and whatever we want that makes our lives a bit bearable during Corona Virus. If you have any tips, drop us a line.

I tried going plastic free pre-COVID19. It was impossible. Yeah, it’s a gross shame. During Rona, it’s even more difficult. So I thought, what is important and accessible? I have tried (so many) products and have narrowed it down to my favorites that are now on auto send.

Corona Diaries #6: Eat, Poop, Trash. NO PLASTIC PART 1.


I used to steal my dad’s Ziploc bags because, well, I was being cheap. Plus, I felt guilty buying all that disposable plastic. I bought resuable ones, which I love! Every once in a while it’s convenient to have a zip bag to hold things. After 20 years, my dad switched to compostable bags!  Yes, I still steal them. It’s a tradition.

But I still bought reusable bags of varying sizes and simply throw them in the dishwasher. No matter how long you leave that apple in their it gets clean. 


Think about it. All the trash we throw away just sits and bakes in the bags we use, never decomposing because it’s stuck in a plastic bag that will outlive cockroaches. One way to help is with a compostable trash bag. It has to be biodegradable and compostable. Those green washing companies that say, made from plants, means nothing and often can’t be recycled. Or the worst green washing is when they say their bags are recyclable. Like you’re really going to take the trash out, wash the bag and find a company that will recycle the bags? No! The ones that are trying are those that say their bags are made from recycled plastic. That’s a help but it’s not enough. Compostable bags are the only solution. I love these


I have two huge dogs which means huge poops. I’m a good neighbor and pick up my dogs’ big gifts. But I go through a lot of bags. So like with plastic trash bags, plastic dog poop bags will just sit and bake the dog poop, never decomposing. That’s gross. But if you think about it, compostable bags holding poop can decompose into a rich compost. Yum! Unni is my favorite brand because their “corn and plant starch-based bags fully decompose when placed in a compost environment, leaving only water, humus and CO2 to feed a new generation of plants!” They come in a cardboard box too. Just don’t leave them out in the sun like I did or they won’t be easy to open. They need be stored in a cool dark place. That’s easy enough!

Corona Diaries #6: Eat, Poop, Trash. NO PLASTIC PART 1 via


First of all, we have to start with the insanity of people buying up all the toilet paper. I thought, “Do these people normally steal the toilet paper from their jobs and that’s why they’re buying it up? Do they think Rona will give them bladder or, worse, intestinal issues?” I wasn’t too worried as I have a bidet. But bidet users use toilet paper too. I”ve tried whatever I could get my hands on and bamboo was the one that saved the day and turned out to be better than Charmin. This is one of my favorites

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