Corona Diaries #1 “Can You Spare a Square?”


Bored (insert any adjective) in the house, in the house bored, or not. We’ve all been up in our Covid-19 quarantine feelings from boredom, fear, stress, anger, resentment, and sometimes all of them all at once. But we have to somehow try and find the positive in this awful situation.

As we enter a second wave, we need all the help we can get from each other. This is a fun series on tips, tricks, hacks and whatever we want that makes our lives a bit bearable during Corona Virus (said in our best Cardi B voice). If you have any tips, drop us a line to be featured.

We’d asked some of our team “How has Rona positively impacted your life?” We got the Zoom chat silence and weird looks. But think about it. What things have you found out, done, tried, bought, experimented with, etc., that have been a positive during the lockdown? Things that you’ll take with you once we can resume our lives? We’re starting with our editor Lisa and the most obvious and infuriating at the beginning of the pandemic.

First of all, we have to start with the insanity of people buying up all the toilet paper. I thought, “Do these people normally steal the toilet paper from their jobs and that’s why they’re buying it up? Do they think Rona will give them bladder or, worse, intestinal issues?” 

I wasn’t too worried as I have a bidet.  The question is: “Why don’t more US households have them?” But I bought a simple and inexpensive handheld sprayer style “bidet” for the guest bathroom. This one is easy to attach to the water hose at the bottom of your toilet. There’s a clip you hook onto the tank to attach the actual bidet sprayer. It took 10 minutes. Really. The only downside is it sprays cold water. But it was $19.99, so we won’t cry. There are other bidet sprayers to choose from but this is the Corona-economy. You do your math.

This hand-held bidet has been a game changer and I’ve converted more Los Angelenos into bidet users. I feel my time on lockdown has served a noble purpose.

All kidding aside, bidet users use toilet paper too. A bidet is just to clean up messy things. So when my toilet paper supply was running low I went online to buy some. I went to my old staple, Scott. Ha! Nothing. Then I thought I’d try I Don’t Give A Crap from one of my favorite Eco Minimalist Youtubers ShelBizleee. This is recycled toilet paper. All sold out. So on page 13 or so I found bamboo toilet paper that would arrive in a few days. I’d never tried bamboo tp before but these are trying and somewhat desperate times. The result? I’ll never not buy my bamboo toilet paper. It’s uber soft but strong. I got a case of the allergies and blew my nose with it since I couldn’t find tissue. No red irritated nose either. It’s not made from trees and it’s made from a sustainable source. But the best part is you need only a few squares!


Try all the bamboo toilet paper until you find the one you like best!  


What are some of your Corona Virus take aways? Do you have any tips you’d like to share that have made your time in quarantine a bit more manageable? Let us know!

Remember to stay safe, sane, creative, kind and wear your mask.

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