Content Marketing Strategies to Help Your Painting Business Thrive

Content marketing is a balance between art and science. A logical, strategic approach is necessary for success, as is having the right combinations of words and imagery to create an emotional response.

Fortunately for painters, the creativity is already there— it’s just figuring out how to put it all together to make the business thrive. Here are some effective content marketing strategies for painting businesses.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

Before you delve into how to reach your customers, you need to consider who you’re trying to reach. For artistic businesses, it’s hard to see beyond the creative process and consider who will connect with your work. However, if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll likely identify some overarching customer characteristics.

Consider the various aspects of their life. Your customer will be someone who has the disposable income to purchase your art. Depending on your style, your art might be more attractive to certain genders or age groups. Identifying these various pieces will help you craft your messaging to ensure that the initial reaction to your work converts into a sale.

Create an Engaging Landing Page

Having a well-designed website is a given for building a thriving painting business. However, if you really want to stand apart, you need a stellar landing page.

Landing pages often act as the first impression for your business. Your landing page should be impactful and immediate. Rather than encouraging visitors to your site to scroll, give them a clear call-to-action and navigation that funnels them to a sales page. 

Successful painting businesses, such as Instapainting, execute this strategy exceptionally well. The page is simple and to the point, offering a direct route to the sales page. This directness indicates what’s expected of the customer. While there are details about FAQs regarding shipping and pricing as you scroll onward, this approach prevents getting lost in the noise and gets right to the good stuff.

Create an actionable landing page with SEO keywords that speak both to Google and your customers.

Use Local SEO

While digital marketing and online sales are huge for creative businesses, many painting businesses thrive by being omnipresent. Thus, local SEO is essential for success in a content marketing strategy. By adding this to your priority list, you can ensure that your content reaches people in your area.

Claim your Google My Business profile and ensure that it’s up to date with your information. You’ll also want to ensure that local information is conveyed clearly on your site and social media pages.

When crafting content, use location-driven wording. It might seem pretentious to call yourself the “best painting business in New Jersey,” but doing so will help you rise to the top of the Google SERP.

Use Visually-Driven Social Media Marketing

Whether you have an artistic painting business or paint rooms for a living, you have the benefit of owning a visually-driven business. This is a blessing in the social media era, where photos have more of an impact than words. While other businesses struggle to find the right imagery, visual stimulation is your business. 

When it comes to connecting visually, Instagram is a fantastic platform for building a marketing strategy around. Focus on getting high-quality photos of your work and pairing them with artistic and locally-driven hashtags. Instagram has also introduced shoppable posts and vanity links for high-follower accounts. Focusing on growth and creating a streamlined sales process is a fantastic way to create an effective painting business content marketing strategy. 

Create Content with Sharing in Mind

As previously mentioned, having a visually-charged business is a blessing in content marketing. Everything you post should have an underlying goal to be created with sharing in mind. This will be one of the most effective ways to expand your audience and generate leads.

Consider mixing photos and videos. Take your audience behind the scenes and show them how you work. Content marketing is a form of storytelling, and when it comes to art, everyone wants to know your story. Talk about how you got started, where you find your inspiration or tips and tricks that will engage your audience.

Your painting business can be a success with the right content marketing strategy in place. Choose a few focal points to start, set actionable goals, and work on implementing your new content strategy.