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Compensation Payouts for Psychological Injuries

Psychological injuries are likely to occur after taking massive bodily harm and can last for long. Thankfully, under the Personal Injury Laws, psychological sufferings are also compensable. The entitlements and the extent of the compensation depend on the situation as each situation is unique. However, it is likely to compensate for your loss with a strong representation as laws state that compensation for psychological injuries is the legal rights of the injured person. Personal injury claims are known for being complex claims which require intense care and attention. However, if you have a good and valid cause to make a claim, the compensation payout will greatly aid you.

Mental harm after workplace injuries

It is very common to suffer psychological injuries as the incident arisen can be beyond our expectations in our daily routine. Workplace accidents can cause traumatic results. For this reason, the compensation you may receive will surely aid you and your family until the sufferings wear off. If the victim of the accident meets the necessary criteria, in addition to the compensation for economic loss, lump sum payment for psychological injuries can also be awarded. Psychological impacts of a workplace injury can be loss of life expectancy, disfigurements, pain and suffering.

As the pain and suffering of a victim are unmeasurable, you can talk to your lawyer to have your expectations from the case evaluated. By no means you will be unjustly treated. Stress disorder, major anxiety and depression can occur after being the victim of an accident. To overcome such psychological conditions, a psychotherapy process is likely to be needed. Under the laws, the psychotherapy expenditures are also compensable as these conditions are the result of accidental negligence of another person. In Australia, the Workers Compensation Act states that the worker’s negligence isn’t taken into evaluation in the court’s decision as the Act is based on the no-fault scheme. To clarify, even if the worker was negligent, these payouts are to be awarded to the worker.

Covid-19 and the significant rise of psychological injuries

Covid-19 made an impact on the number of psychological disorders suffered by professionals and individuals. Year-to-date, the psychological injuries occurred in the course of employment is almost doubled itself. Emotional and mental disorders regarding the Covid-19 incidents and overloaded shifts due to the pandemic is compensable. 

Work Health and Safety Laws of Australia demands employers to provide a safe work environment to minimise the risk of stress-related mental injuries due to Covid-19. With the assistance of a workplace safety expert or consultor, the employers are expected to assess the potential stress factors in the workplace and eliminate the risks. A simple risk assessment process can be managed by arranging a group discussion with the workers/employees, and by listening to their concerns as it is the employer’s duty to prevent psychological work-related injuries.

Covid-19 and medical professionals

Among all industry workers, the vast majority of the workers suffering psychological disorders due to Covid-19 are the medical professionals. It is reported that the majority of the stress related injuries occur from unreasonably long shifts, overworking and insufficient work breaks. One of the biggest concerns of medical employees is the exposure to Covid-19 and spreading the infection to their families.

If diagnosable by medical professional, stress-related injuries and psychological conditions are compensable under workers compensation. Workcover Australia strictly enforces a stress-free working environment and regulates the factors that might lead to adverse conditions. Covid-19 exposure is a major risk element and if the employer fails to take necessary care, it can be challenging to maintain the work.

Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com