Comparing Moving Quotes from Different Companies

Comparing Moving Quotes from Different Companies
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

There are a lot of moving companies out there, and it’s hard to know which one would be right for your move.

You probably shouldn’t just Google it and choose one of the ones that come up on the search results page. You are trusting your movers with your most prized possessions, so you need to know that they are reliable and competent at what they do. But how do you know? Yes, you should always get a quote from every mover you are considering, but if you go only by the price, then you may be hurting yourself and putting your belongings in danger. Here are some strategies you can use for comparing moving quotes from different companies. 

Assess How They Got Their Quote

If you contact a moving company, and they ask you the barest of details and then give you a quote, then you want to avoid them. A moving quote should always be made with as much information as possible. In the past, reliable and trustworthy moving companies would visit a home, take an inventory of what needed to be moved, estimate the weight and space that it would involve, and provide an accurate quote based on that information. In these Covid times, coming to your home might not be an option, but they should at the very least offer to take a video tour of your home. Not only will they want basic details, but they will also want to assess any special items that will require extra attention. This could mean things that are particularly delicate, or large and awkward items like pianos. If you get a quote over the phone without providing much detail, you could end up with extra costs at the end for being over a weight limit or having items that need special care.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are very different from moves that take you within the same city. A reputable company will do their best to get as accurate an estimate as possible, because if the weight of your contents is underestimated, then you could end up with huge extra fees at the end of the move. This makes an in-home or virtual visit even more important. The longer your move, the longer the potential fees could be. Some companies will offer full services for their moves. This means that you will be charged based on the distance as opposed to how much stuff you have. This may seem more expensive at first, but you will not be subjected to extra fees and can be confident that you will pay the same as the quote. It’s up to you if you prefer security over potentially getting a lower cost. 

What Services Do They Offer?

Not only do you want to know what services you might be charged for at the end of the move, but you will also want to know what extra services a moving company offers that would make them a good option. Do they offer packing, which will save you time and effort in preparation for the move? They may also offer disassembly and assembly of your furniture. Some of these services may be included in the move, and some may not. It’s important to check the details contained in your quote document and ask questions to see what else might be available, and what is included.

Check For Other Opinions

Getting moving quotes is one thing, but getting a sense of the customer service they will provide is another. However, you can always look for the opinions of others in several ways. For one, you can ask your friends, family, and colleagues to see if any have had experience with certain movers. This is always a very reliable way to find out how good a moving company is. You can also check out online reviews. See if you can spot any commonalities or themes that pop up repeatedly. They could be red flags that a company should not be trusted, or that they are not as good as advertised. On top of all of this, take a look at the Better Business Bureau and see if your potential moving companies have any complaints or judgments against them.

Compare the “Details”

Another thing you can do is think about all of the little but important things your prospective companies have done in your interactions with them. Are their representatives friendly and accommodating? Were they on time for appointments? These little details can give you a picture of how a company operates and how they will be to deal with on moving day. You do not want to have to work with a representative that is rude or surly when you are going through a stressful life event. 

Getting quotes is an important part of the moving process. However, it’s not just about the cost. It’s also important to balance the quote with the level of service you expect to find. This will help you in finding a mover to suit your particular needs.