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Common Foot Problems & How to Deal with Them

Various conditions of your feet tell a lot about your current health status. You must be able to pick them and treat your health accordingly.

Foot problems are serious matters, and individuals should treat them as such. If you’ve experienced foot pain or irregularities lately, then you shouldn’t ignore those issues. Here we have worked out what could be lurking behind your specific foot concerns. You must consult with your doctor or some podiatrist immediately if you find something familiar on the following list:

  1. Sudden baldness on your feet or toes  

The hair on your feet or toes may cause pain during sandal season, but it is always a good sign to have some hair on your feet. Sudden baldness could indicate too little blood supply to sustain hair growth. It also could be a sign that your heart is not pumping blood with enough pressure to reach your feet. Hence, bald feet and toes could be the first sign of severe circulation issues.

  1. Constantly cold feet

Some people always have cold feet no matter what the weather is. The most common cause seems to be hypothyroidism. It may also cause hair loss, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression, etc. You must visit your doctor if you notice any such symptoms.

  1. Bunions

Sometimes, you may start feeling unbearable pain in your bunions a short while after wearing even a pair of comfortable shoes. You start blaming the shoes or their manufacturer, not knowing that this is not the case. Bunions result from a flawed foot structure and often become aggravated due to improper shoes. The first foot bone drives toward the rest of the toes and you see the bump that is causing you severe pain. The only way to cure this disorder is to undergo a minimally invasive bunion surgery by a competent surgeon.

  1. Undergoing foot cramping too often

This is a common issue for many people, irrespective of age and gender. It may occur for one of the three reasons, namely: poor blood circulation, nerve malfunction, and nutritional deficiency. Often, lack of intake of water and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium can also lead to muscle cramping. So, upping your diet may also improve the condition of your foot cramping. However, you must see your doctor as soon as possible for such a problem.

  1. Stubborn sores 

Sometimes, there rises a sore on your foot and heals itself within two to three days. This is quite normal, but if this does not remain the case and your sores on your feet start becoming stubborn, this is a red flag for diabetes or skin cancer. High and uncontrolled blood glucose level damages the nerve endings down to your feet and there may appear cuts, sores, scrapes, etc. on the feet as a result. Unfortunately, if one of these sores gets infected, it may call for amputation in case it gets worse. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult your doctor at the earliest if you find any non-healing sore on your feet.


Author: nohoarts