COMMENTARY: Shoot Selfies Not Animals

COMMENTARY: Canned hunting ranches and who you wouldn’t think would be an owner of one.

Here’s the first of what really piss’s me off and should piss you off too. We’ve all heard about these ranches around the U.S. that allow so called hunters a wonderful activity of ending the life of a beautiful creature by shooting it in a captive environment. There are different classifications of hunters. The best one is an ex hunter. Below that is the one who only hunts for food and not for trophy and makes sure the animal is killed with one shot and quickly. Below that they are all in the same category as low life peckers. If you can’t shoot an animal with a clean kill then you shouldn’t have a gun in the first place. Now just heard that Matthew McConaughey has one of these ranches in Texas. He apparently likes to hunt animals. I suppose these hunters feel God created animals for us to do whatever the hell we want with them. We can hunt them for fun, lock them up, abuse them, just do whatever we feel like because God created us to rule the earth. News flash, we were an after thought. Maybe not even an after thought but an accident. If it wasn’t for the extinction of dinosaurs many millions of years ago, we wouldn’t even be here. Some comet or meteor just happened to land on earth and wipe them out. This allowed our ancestors to flourish and then evolution ended up with us. Unbelievable. We shouldn’t even be here. Just was wild luck and at the expense of all other living creatures in and out of the oceans.

Anyway, somehow hunters feel that by killing an animal is exciting, gets the adrenaline pumping and once they pose with what they killed they are then on top of the world. Some of them call it conservation. Well if it is conservation then why isn’t mankind in the same category. There are already way to many people on this planet to sustain them all properly. Maybe we should ranch many of them up and offer to shoot them in a confined area and take pictures of our prize. This is just how lame these hunters are by calling killing animals conservation. They are not non-organic pieces of material where just their numbers matter. They are living, breathing, social animals with feelings. To just go an kill them for the sake of sport is not only cruel and barbaric but it should be criminal. I can go on and on but that is for another time.

The Angry, Pissed Off Dude
I was a Democrat then Republican then Democrat now just pissed off.


For more information on what you can do to help:

PETA  |  Campaign Against Canned Hunting


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