COMMENTARY: Foreign Policy for Dummies

Why is it so difficult to get U.S. foreign policy correct?

George Bush had a utopian idea that democracy is just what the Middle East needed and then the “domino effect” would take over and bliss would surround the entire area. Unfortunately, we found out that pure democracy is not what they wanted, not even knowing what it meant. Pure democracy means not just being able to cast a vote but guaranteeing equal rights for minorities. Equal rights for minorities is an abstract idea in that part of the world. Obama and subsequently Hillary Clinton decided to turn the page, “abandon all the countries” approach, leaving them basically on their own. The result of that? Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria are all in chaos, and peace between Israel and the Palestinians is in the distant future, if at all. In addition to abandoning countries we seem to be powerless in getting Russia to stop gobbling up their neighbors, and China to stop gobbling up the South China Sea.

We need to engage and act like the smartest as well as the mightiest country in the world. The far right approach didn’t work and the far left approach is just as impotent. Getting two people in a room and talking it out doesn’t even work in cities with community organizers, as we see continued violence in many large cities across the U.S. We need a Commander in Chief who can negotiate with countries from a position of strength, as we had with Reagan. Arming the Kurds and the Sunnis in Iraq against Isis makes a lot more sense than appeasing the Iraqi and Turkish governments who only care about keeping their countries in tact with their ethnic groups opposed to it.

Democracy is allowing rights for all minorities. As long as certain religions are unfortunately not tolerant in accepting others and where diversity is considered a sin, the Middle East conflicts will continue. The U.S. must be decisive in dealing with intolerance and injustice and not turning its back!

The Angry, Pissed Off Dude

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