Coffee, Murals and Phill Bourque

Do you know Phill Bourque?


Phill Bourque NoHo artist

We first saw Phill Bourque on the wall, his incredible work on the wall at Joe Coffee in the NoHo Arts District. It was his Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party mural he created in chalk. Then we were blown away by the ‘Breaking Joe’ mural inspired by the hit show “Breaking Bad.” You have to see the current one, ‘The Come Up’ inspired by the “Batman vs Superman” movie. Let’s give Phill a big NoHo Welcome,  the man behind some fabulous art.

Phill Bourque NoHo artist

What’s your background?

My name is Phill Bourque, I am a Boston native and moved to Los Angeles shortly after acquiring my bachelor’s degree in illustration. My work is heavily influenced by horror movies and hip-hop.

How did you start painting murals?

My first mural was shortly after finishing college and it was for a local body shop in my hometown of Taunton Ma. One of the employees had seen some of my stuff online through a friend and had contacted me about a big wall in the shop that needed work. I met up with the owner and had a clear stylized version of what he wanted to see.

After a lengthy sketching process we finally agreed on an image. The wall was 11′ high and 22′ long, easily the largest piece that I had done to date. I used the grid process to draw it out and took about a month to complete. Since then I had taken any challenge thrown my way.

Phill Bourque NoHo artist

You have many artistic talents, do you have a favorite?

Through the years, I have accumulated knowledge of various mediums which include, drawing, chalking, painting, typography, sculpting, digital and tattoo body work.

I would have to say my favorite is painting, not too stressful of a craft and fun when you have time to do it. There is always more to learn and grow from every time you work on a new piece.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a couple of paintings (Nelson Mandela piece and Asian/Cambodian inspired dragon painting), small commissions and side projects, which include vintage black and white horror movie stills. Patiently waiting for a new wall project I can tag up.

What are your thoughts on getting more public art and visual art in the NoHo Arts District?

By the summer, I want to get some wild projects started for the NoHo Arts District. Everywhere in Los Angeles, various artists have been planting their marks on the streets and buildings for decades. I want to make NoHo Arts District the most unique and visually stimulating place to go in the city. I have worked with over five businesses in the area and hope to build an alliance with this growing area.

Joe Coffee is my roots, this small coffee shop has given me a huge opportunity and hope I can gain more steam barreling through my sophomore efforts in this city. Hoping that soon enough I can start doing work all over the nation and at some point the world. Working hard every day has been engaging to my visual and physical activity.

Drop by Joe Coffee in NoHo to see Phill’s latest mural. 5251 Lankershim Blvd. Here’s a peek.

 Phill Bourque NoHo artist

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