Club Pilates NoHo Teacher Training

Learn more about the Club Pilates NoHo Teacher Training Program. Classes start in June!

Living the Dream

The Dream… Performing since you were a tot. Rocking school plays. Major performances at your local studio. Nationwide competitions. Perform. Applause… Awe! Your heart explodes! You can change the world. The dream is reality. 18… Hollywood here I come!

Arriving in LA… Parties, endless summers, and oh ya… Traffic! The distractions are real. (Did I just talk to the Bieb?!!) The dream is expensive, but keep pushing. Gigs. Pay. YAY! Things get tight. Side job. Of course, you won’t be working the makeup counter for the rest of your life, but for now… The struggle is real… But it doesn’t have to be. You need flexibility, you need consistent cash flow and you need a job where you can change someone’s life and express your creative ability to an audience.

Enter Pilates… a fitness that transforms Mind, Body and Spirit using state-of-the-art equipment in a fun group fitness atmosphere. Benefits- Long, lean, toned and strong muscles. Stress relief. Increased energy. Better posture. More confidence. Healthier. Happier… You!

The Dream Job… Choose your hours. Your Music. Change Lives. Make a living! And, you still get to follow your performance dream, because that’s what we do in LA!

Club Pilates… A nationwide company that has 300 studios open nationwide (and growing). Endless growth opportunities, if you choose. High demand for certified Pilates Instructors. People with passion, personality and a desire to help people change for the better!

Club Pilates NoHo Teacher Training Program… Flexible. Fun. Comprehensive 500 hour program. A Master Trainer to guide you in person and a great online curriculum to work at your own pace. Affordable. Yeah, there’s a payment program! And discounted Pilates classes.

Learn more about our upcoming Teacher Training Program that starts in June! Call/text to save your spot! 818-210-3422. 

Meet Rachel… Actress who went through the Club Pilates Teacher Training Program and is now a Certified Pilates Instructor at CP NoHo!

Learn more about the Club Pilates NoHo Teacher Training Program

What Rachel has to say about her Pilates Journey… “Acting and performing has always been my biggest passion. Being able to express myself, I give truth, transparency and compassion to the roles I play. Being a woman in the acting industry is tough. There isn’t much positivity or honesty around who you are, your age, your weight, your look and the way you portray yourself. Just the same, it’s hard for all women living in this world today. I struggled immensely with these issues growing up.

Like most women (and men) in our society do, I try and love and care for myself better each day. When I found Pilates, it felt right. I connected with it. Not only was it the first exercise I could ever get myself to do consistently, it matched internally with what I desired. Practicing Pilates allowed me to feel connected to my inner and outer being as a whole. I felt stronger and more comfortable with myself as a being in progress.

When I realized teaching could be something I could do for a living, I was thrilled. It was a challenge to work throughout my training, but I felt invigorated. I wanted to use my talent for performing to encourage other women to feel connected and accomplished in their own practice. Now as I begin my teaching journey, it is my absolute favorite part! The part of me that enjoys standing up in front of people and truly being seen, allows me to perform the greatest act which is give to these wonderful men and women, our clients, in a loving and respectful way. I understand the struggle to live in this society and I want to help each person feel stronger, better and more accepting of themselves. My Pilates Teacher Training journey has truly been a gift.”

Learn more about the Club Pilates NoHo Teacher Training Program

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