City of Sound Performs at The Federal NoHo

Meet City of Sound, a three-piece indie alternative rock band gearing up to release their debut full-length album, “Silent Empire.” The first offering from the 13-track album is “Odyssey” which boasts the bands trademark anthemic sound built on earworm melodies arrangements and hooks.


Come out to hear new music from City of Sound’s upcoming debut album at the Federal NoHo on Thursday, November 29.

“Our specific sound was always the vision,” says Jordan Wright (vocals/piano). “I had wanted to create something that makes people feel epic and punches them right in the face with hope. Luckily, I found two people who wanted to be a part of the same thing.”

City of Sound will perform new music from their upcoming debut album at the Federal NoHo on Thursday, November 29 via the official NoHo Arts District Guide;

Rounding out the City of Sound trio is Andrew Leigh on guitar and Lacey Nova on Violin; creating a unique flavor of arena-sized alternative rock music that’s ever present with their epic lead single, “Odyssey.” Wright notes, “it’s the first song on the album and it introduces the journey we want our album to take people through. The journey of reflection.”

“Silent Empire is crafted with that theme of reflection in mind and written around a central character, Empire, and her journey to become something greater. “The song “Odyssey” is the beginning of that journey,” says Wright—the band’s primary songwriter, producer and arranger. “It begins with her world destroyed, left with nothing, but with everything to become. Left with nothing she makes the choice to take the journey she has long resisted. It’s something that is central to our message of love over fear.”

Being released in three parts, “Silent Empire” takes the listener on a journey through the character Empire, inspired by Wright’s personal experience. Part one dives into the deconstruction of who we are and the honest acceptance of our created insecurities. Part two explores the reconstruction of who we truly are. Then, in part three, what we do after we’ve gone through that process.

Building a loyal following not only in Los Angeles with recent sold-out shows, the band is also captivating audiences along both the west and east coasts. When asked what he hopes a fan might feel after a City of Sound show, Wright would feel like the job was completed if he overheard a fan saying, “I’m ready to kick ass and beat the shit out of life in the most beautiful way.”

…and that’s the mission of City of Sound; to inspire fans to take action and reach for their dreams in the same way they are, one catchy melody at a time.

Why did you choose The Federal?

“For some reason, we just haven’t played a venue in our own backyard of NoHo and a promoter we did our first show with (Kelly Mcgarry who’s the best promoter in LA) messaged me that they’d be in our neighborhood and wanted to see if we would be interested in headlining while we’re recording our album. It was an offer we couldn’t pass up. The Federal is where I spent my first new years with my wife, it’s a place I’ve taken every friend who’s visited me, and it’s a place that pretty much sums up the Arts District as a whole. To make it more simple, we love it.”

City of Sound will perform new music from their upcoming debut album at the Federal NoHo on Thursday, November 29 via the official NoHo Arts District Guide;

In terms of music, what would you like to see more of in NoHo?

“I’d love to see bigger bands make an effort to get out to NoHo, the parks are huge and can absolutely hold a large crowd. I think NoHo gets disregarded sometimes by people in LA and they’re completely missing out on some of the most raw and purposed art that’s being created in this city.”

Is there something you’d like to highlight?

“We’re just excited to play at home. This is where we all met, this is where we chose to stay. Just can’t wait to get the neighborhood out, play our hearts out and create some beautiful chaos in a place we hold so dear to us.”

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City of Sound at the Federal NoHo via


Thursday, November 29, 2018
9:50 PM – 11:00 PM PST


The Federal NoHo
5303 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


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